Jagran New Media achieves remarkable annual surge amidst Industry degrowth

Jagran New Media consolidated its position in the Top 10 News and Info category with 6% annual growth.

Jagran New Media, the digital wing of Jagran Prakashan, witnessed an annual growth of 6% in total unique visitors and consolidated its spot at number 7 as one of India's top ten news and information publishers as per Comscore. In the last six months, the news and information websites in India experienced an average decline of 18% while Jagran New Media sites witnessed a notable growth of 6%. Furthermore, engagement metrics noted significant growth, with competitors experiencing downturns while Jagran New Media surged ahead with 56% increase in Views and 64% growth in Minutes spent on the platform.

Jagran New Media, through its 12 digital platforms, offers a diverse array of multimedia offerings spanning across News and Information, Politics, Business, Auto, Technology, Entertainment, Sports, and various other categories. Despite industry challenges and competitors' decline in FY 2023-24, all platforms experienced a surge in traffic and engagement and consolidated their positions among the leading brands under their respective categories.

In the Hindi News & Information Category, solidified its leadership position, witnessing consistent growth in users, page views, and time spent. Notably, over the past 6 months, visitation to the main news sites in India has seen an average decline of -18%, while traffic to the website grew by 10%. There were also stark differences in engagement, with competitors down or flat, while Jagran saw large growth in Views and Visits.

Commenting on this growth, Bharat Gupta, CEO of Jagran New Media, highlighted the pivotal role of Content, Technology, and Policy in shaping modern media- “Jagran New Media's growth amidst industry decline is attributed to our Audience First Strategy, which tailors products to different audience segments with meaningful content. Targeting multiple niches, we follow a user-centric approach that helps us to connect with audiences on a personal level and deal with the dynamic shift in content consumption habits and preferences.”

In the education category, JagranJosh's site has demonstrated exceptional growth, with increased website visits by 42% over the past year, outpacing competitors by a significant margin in total views and visits. In the health segment, witnessed a notable increase in traffic by 35%, while competitors experienced a decline in visitation to their sites and apps. Visitors to are not only frequenting the site more often (+94%) but also spending substantially more time (+105%). While in the lifestyle category, emerged as a leading lifestyle destination, defying the downward trend observed among main lifestyle sites in India. Despite a decrease in competitors' visitation, experienced a 6% increase, accompanied by rising engagement metrics such as increased page views.

Jagran New Media's mission is to create factual and credible content that enables, empowers and aspires ‘New Bharat’ through knowledge, information and voice towards an inclusive and progressive society. Our commitment to providing credible content remains consistent, with a focus on data-driven multimedia content, expert driven contexts and fact-checked information to enable a diverse and trusted content platform. The company's diverse portfolio, including leading brands like Naidunia, Inext, Gujarati Jagran, Punjabi Jagran, JagranTv, and Vishwas News, continues to attract a growing audience, continuing its position as a trusted source of content in the digital landscape.

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