John Jacobs celebrates Humans of Steel from all walks of life

What do an IPL cricketer, a same-sex couple, a transgender beauty queen and a female self-defence trainer have in common?

They're all Humans of Steel whose mettle has been tested in the harshest of odds and have emerged stronger than ever. John Jacobs celebrates their stories with a campaign that reflects their grit, resistance, punk and above all, their will that's strong as Steel.

The #HumansOfSteel campaign shines a spotlight on the stark realities and the exemplary achievements of its protagonists. The campaign also invites one and all to share stories of the humans of Steel in their personal lives so that we can together build a stronger community.

“My coach told me that I wasn’t destined to play for the nation. It shattered me.” admits Ruturaj, one of the emerging young Indian cricketers to look out for.

“We were criminals in the eyes of the law. Falling in love was our crime.” said Inder and Ashish, a happily married homosexual couple who’ve seen insurmountable odds.

"The hardest part during my transition was not the fear of being under the knife but of being alone.” says @Nitasha, India’s first trans queen.

“I chopped off my hair so that men couldn’t pull it and bully me.” says Prabhsharan Kaur who stood strong in the face of extreme abuse.

“We’re seeing among our audience an accelerated shift from the dogmatic society that used to be the norm, to one where each individual sets their own code. Our range of metalworks takes inspiration and pays tribute to the Humans of Steel with a combination of material expertise, detailed craftsmanship and the widest variety of styles that truly embody our principle of inclusiveness” says John Jacobs Brand Spokesperson

Humans of Steel at its core is an open inclusive community. And as we step into the new year, it's time to resolve to share and inspire each other through not only our successes but also our struggles that we've worked through. That's what makes us stronger. Together.

(We got this information in a press release).