Jovees Herbal brings Bang in the Middle on board, launches a new campaign

In the new brand campaign Jovees is building further on the purity and effectiveness of its value for money products.

Jovees Herbal has just launched its new brand campaign “Bloom Daily” and it will be released across print, digital and retail to strengthen the Herbal heritage of Jovees.

In the new brand campaign Jovees is building further on the purity and effectiveness of its value for money products.

In a new brand campaign created by Bang in the Middle, the brand highlights the power of natural ingredients and the goodness of quality formulations.

Speaking about the campaign, Prathap Suthan, co-founder and CCO Bang in the Middle said “The brand thought was very much there for the taking. With products that come in from nature, and ideas that are imbued with herbs, the final benefit naturally led us to the territory of bloom. Which again is almost the very reason why the audience buys into the franchise of Jovees Herbal. It’s a word and a truth that’s linked so much to the goodness of herbs, and what these daily use products are designed to deliver. To make skin come alive, and to be at its best. More than that, Bloom Daily is also the inspiration that we give our audiences. To be at their best every day and at every instance. At work, at home, wherever the day takes them. To be fresh and triumphant across the day. We believe it’s a beautiful promise and a softer ‘carpe diem’ for the youthful women of India”

Yuvraj Ahuja, director, Jovees Herbal said “We have always been very passionate about harnessing the power of nature to create products that are good for the body. Our goal is to give our customers high quality products made from the best ingredients at an affordable price. All our products are free from any harmful chemicals. This is what our campaign Bloom Daily is all about. We want our consumers to prefer us as we are a brand that is good for them. Bloom Daily is more than our promise, it’s our motto."

Ujjawal Ahuja, director, Jovees Herbal said “Our plan for the coming year is to reach out to more consumers that are willing to take the herbal route and demand high quality products. We are rebranding some of our products to adhere to the current trends, as at Jovees we believe that there is always room to grow. We will be using online and offline mediums extensively in the times to come to spread our motto of ‘Bloom Daily’”.

(We got this information in a press release).

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