Kalli Purie launches new digital venture 'India Today North-East'

The new venture will be based out of the North-East and India and will showcase the area and its USPS.

India Today Group vice-chairperson Kalli Purie on Tuesday launched the Group’s special digital venture 'India Today North-East' at the ongoing fifth edition of the India Today Conclave East.

Speaking at the Conclave, Kalli Purie said, "This is our India Today conclave fifth edition. It has been an absolutely fantastic orientation to the region. Thank you. I mean it’s basically because of the audience and the people that we have here."

"And it made us realise this area is just so rich and so diverse, it's almost impossible for us to showcase all its talents and its issues in just two days. These eight states are known as the North East and if I may, I borrow it from our prime minister's Akshaya Lakshmi, I think deserves more of a spotlight. So, with that in mind, today I am very proud to launch our latest and newest venture, focused on the North-East, called India Today North-East," Kalli Purie said.

Kalli Purie also stated that the new venture will be based out of the North-East and with its launch, India Today Group hopes that it will be better equipped to showcase the area and its USPs.

"We will be looking at this region with this new venture, it will be based out of the North-East. And I hope that within it will be able to showcase the area better, as well as, I think, to a certain extent, correct some of the misnomers that exist of out the region and its very beautiful people," she said.

Along with Kalli Purie, Meghalaya chief minister Conrad Kongkal Sangma and Lieutenant General Rana Pratap Kalita were also involved in the launch of the digital venture.

The fifth edition of the India Today Conclave East kicked off on Monday, July 4, with a number of renowned leaders and personalities from across the fields of politics, business, among other areas, gracing the platform and exchanging ideas on building a better world.

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