Keep fit with Likee's #1KM1DAY campaign

Intending to spread awareness on the necessity to stay fit, Likee, a pioneering short video creation platform by Singapore based BIGO Technology, has launched the #1KM1DAY campaign. The campaign invites the Likeers to creatively use its exclusive marathon sticker and virtually participate in a running competition to win the same. In general, people's physical and mental health is under constant threat due to unhealthy lifestyles, busy work schedules, and a frequent outbreak of new epidemics. The campaign and the videos generated under the campaign aim to invoke a healthy routine among the participants as well as the viewers.

To participate, the user can avail of the marathon sticker and begin the race on hearing a gunshot. Participants can also invite his/her friends and family to make the video more exciting and entertaining. To add more fun, the sticker also virtually places a headband on participants' heads with the campaign hashtag #1KM1DAY. So far, the campaign has received 34.2 million views and is joined by more than 69,000 fans. The users across age groups are seen making videos under the campaign, attracting huge traction on the platform.

This campaign has come at the time when India's focus on health and healthcare facilities has become stronger than before. As the Indian government aims to create a new aspirational India with easy access to healthcare, education, and employment, health has become a top priority at the national and individual levels. Various initiatives under the National Health Mission (NHM) have been introduced in order to strengthen and promote public health facilities. Aligned with the national and individual interest, Likee's #1KM1DAY emphasizes on the need to make a conscious effort to improve one's health and adopt a healthy lifestyle.

(We got this information in a press release.)

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