Companies rises in the ComScore India report for Lifestyle, the digital arm of LF -India's premium multi-platform lifestyle brand from the Essel Group with presence in TV, Digital and Events has hit the 2. 4 Mn users mark in December, 2019. Securing the top 10 position (excluding food ecommerce) in comScore has placed ahead in lifestyle over many legacy players owing to its unique content, its distinctive focus on trends and Tv catch up.

Speaking to the curious at heart who love to explore, travel and live life to the fullest; caters to the adventurous foodie, the intrepid traveller, and health conscious individuals who are looking for quality content. Apt for millennials who are savvy, digitally connected and consume content on the go through their handheld devices; the website is popular for its unique, well-researched features on global trends and local events. The website’s digital footprint cover local and global Indian who love to engage with easy, actionable and inspiring content.

Commenting on this milestone, Amit Nair, business head, LF said, “ has become a content haven for food and lifestyle enthusiasts. The top 10 rating has given us a nod as a dynamic destination for new age content that is differentiated. What started out as a food platform has branched out as a destination for everything lifestyle.”

The digital arm of LF has topical, fresh and original content that is uploaded every day. The website explores topics beyond LF TV—be it trendy features, DIY ideas, quick and easy recipes, authentic reviews, kitchen and home hacks or health and wellness ideas. You can also read fun interviews with Bollywood celebrities, chefs and other experts, and watch recipes as well as original videos.

Ashish Sehgal, chief growth officer, LF said, “I truly believe that the future of content is video & it is platform agnostic”. Hence with this core objective in mind, we create relevant right-size content for right medium for maximum traction. Most importantly, as per me, platforms synergistically co-exist for varied tastes-spaces of the consumer, hence are to be treated as co-opetition & not competition. One such case in point is our exquisite, expert-driven, actionable content on holistic lifestyle website, which not only allows us to reach global audience and speak to a larger set of consumer base who follow us and are dedicated users of our platform but viewers have the opportunity to do relevant catch-up on LF channel.

From videos featuring Russell Peters’ take on the quirks of being a stand-up comic to Worli: Mumbai’s fishing village fights for survival, the content is intriguing and educating at the same time. Website stories such as New-age Tiffin Services are Taking Over the Indian Lunch Hour, have made for interesting reads while Why We Suspect Krishna Was on a Keto Diet stirred up quite a few giggles. Travel and home décor stories are also an important segment on the website with to-the-point and factual data to help readers plan their getaways.

Case Study – Mamypoko Pants also provides its brand partners engaging ideas to host content created for the brand. The microsite has redirection to e-commerce sites as path to purchase is available. Very recently, they executed this integration for Mamypoko pants for the show Mother’s Menu wherein the exclusive digital site showcased a recipe booklet featuring 30 recipes from the show. It also showcased exclusive editorial reader-friendly stories on mother and baby that were aligned to the brand. Here is the live link for further reference

Speaking on the success of the association with; Yuji Ikeda, marketing director of Unicharm India said, “Mothers today are actively seeking information to guide them on their child’s development. MamyPoko as a brand supports the needs of these mothers by creating and associating with platforms that support them on their beautiful journey of motherhood. We are delighted to have partnered with “Mother’s Menu” on LF that came with this beautiful idea to educate on the correct nutrition for both mother and child.”

Divya Karani, CEO, Dentsu X said, “To align and amplify our brands’ ethos and purpose, we partnered with Livingfoodz, to tap into the most pertinent subject of health and nutrition of young mothers and their newborn infants. While the mother is fully devoted to the infant, it is our responsibility to remind her of her body needs in addition to what’s good for both of them. Simply because healthy mothers make healthy babies. Our responsibilities to MamyPoko consumers; both mother and infant, go much deeper to their health and wellbeing.”

(We got this information in a press release.)

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