Lokmat Media creates a unique engagement with #Lokmatfamilybesthain during lockdown

Lokmat, the No.1 newspaper of Maharashtra has decided to keep their employees and their families meaningfully engaged during the lockdown and self-isolation. As the world battles the biggest public health crisis and a 21 day lockdown period to contain the spread of the novel coronavirus, Lokmat Media has started various initiatives across all their locations to ensure that its employees, their families and readers are mentally fit, motivated, stay away from monotony and are engaged and valued.

One of the unique initiatives that Lokmat Media created to enhance engagement and break the monotony of the daily work from home routine was the #Lokmatfamilybesthain initiate . The initiative engaged with all employees by creating an environment of social engagement and connect amongst all teams members and locations through social media. The idea was to put your most creative lockdown photo, funny 2 minute videos on different themes , participate in a trivia Quiz and have Q&A on social media. The person with highest likes to his posts wins the award for the evening. More than 1527 employees and their families participated in an engagement program that spanned 6 hours. Participation for this initiative saw entries from every one including all the board members to senior leaders of the organisation to even the interns in the organisation .

Commenting on the initiative, Rishi Darda, Joint Managing & Editorial Director, Lokmat Media Pvt Limited said “As more and more people stay home following state-imposed lockdowns or self-quarantine due to rising cases of COVID-19, Lokmat Media has constantly engaged with its readers and the employees who are the backbone behind the brand. There is a saying “when the going gets tough, the tough gets going”. The initiative #Lokmatfamilybesthain was created to motivate and break any form of monotony among the employees by posting interesting and funny posts in the form of photo, video, trivia on social media with #Lokmatfamilybesthain. The activity displays engagement with its network, get the best use of time, un-distancing from social media and keeping morale high.

(We got this information in a press release.)