Lux Industries' Lyra partners with R Bharat to blend fashion with Election buzz

The brand aims to engage with a wider audience during the upcoming election season.

Lyra, a women's wear brand under Lux Industries, announces its strategic collaboration with R Bharat, a news channel, to engage with a wider audience during the upcoming election season. Known for its comfortable yet stylish bottom wear, including leggings, palazzos, lingerie, sleepwear, t-shirts, and winter wear, Lyra aims to resonate with modern women.

With a significant rise in female news consumers during the 2019 elections (39 crore), and the anticipated surge during the General Election 2024, Lyra aligns itself strategically with R Bharat to tap into this growing demographic.

Commenting on the collaboration, Udit Todi, executive director of Lux Industries, states, "We're excited to partner with R Bharat during this election season. Integrating with their coverage allows us to reach a broader audience and communicate our brand values effectively, while also amplifying the voice of modern women in shaping our nation's discourse."

"We are happy to bring our client Lyra on board with Republic," says Rakshit Jain, director of Prachar. "Republic has always delivered for our clients, and with the general elections this year, we are very confident that our campaign will reach the right audience and help the brand scale to new heights."

The partnership symbolises a synergy between fashion and news media, demonstrating a keen understanding of consumer behaviour. Lyra aims not only to enhance its brand presence but also to contribute to conversations surrounding women's empowerment and societal progress.

afaqs! received this information in a press release.

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