Mint launches #AskBetterQuestions campaign to empower audience

The brand's fresh campaign is centered around the idea of asking better questions to drive progress.

HT Media Group, India's leading media and entertainment conglomerate, is proud to announce that Mint, an award-winning business publication, has unveiled a fresh brand campaign, #AskBetterQuestions, anchored in the idea of asking better questions to drive progress. This is in with the Group's mission to Empower, Engage and Entertain Millions Through Trusted Content Every Minute, Every day. The digital campaign aims to empower readers through thought-provoking ideas and commits to upholding high reporting standards that address questions arising in audiences' minds.

The publisher of popular editions, including weekend magazine Mint Lounge, and personal wealth brand Mint Money, Mint continuously invests in in-depth reportage, data analysis, and top-notch journalists and expert columnists to power readers' personal growth.

The Mint's #AskBetterQuestions series comprises three videos that share a common objective: to help people achieve their goals and thrive by addressing the questions on their minds. The three videos showcase the drive and determination of the youth in India, featuring individuals from diverse backgrounds striving for success in their respective fields. One features a C-suite executive seeking ideas to grow his business, another showcases a budding entrepreneur responding to the global food crisis created by climate change, and the third follows a young investor exploring opportunities in the international stock market to diversify her portfolio. Mint enables these individuals to unlock their vision and think ahead through thought-provoking, trustworthy, and reliable content.

Sarah Banerjee, brand marketing lead at Mint, believes that the youth of India are optimistic, go-getters, confident, ambitious, and curious entrepreneurs in life and spirit. She said, "Mint's credible journalism provides clarity and precision, enabling Indians to make informed decisions. Through the #AskBetterQuestions campaign, we want to inspire our audience to ask better questions and ignite their curiosity. And we will continue to answer those questions and guide them on their journey of exploration and progress through our high-reporting standards."

Sarah added that this campaign would resonate with both business and non-business readers, as questioning the status quo is a fundamental human trait.

Mint appointed dojo as the creative agency for this campaign.

Amit Sinha, Founder and CVO, dojo, said, "It was a great opportunity to collaborate with Mint, one of the most respected business dailies in South Asia, to design an audience-focused campaign that sparks imagination and transforms its audience into forward-thinkers, generating innovative solutions for their own growth and progress. #AskBetterQuestions aims to broaden perspectives and inspire a growth mindset within society."

A publication with exclusive collaborations with The Wall Street Journal and The Economist, Mint now has a robust digital presence with iOS and Android apps, a popular website, and trustworthy journalism in multiple formats. Its immersive experiences include market dashboards, personalized notifications, videos, podcasts, and originally-crafted newsletters, appealing to business and non-business readers who value challenging the norm and thinking ahead.

(We got this information in a press release).

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