Moneycontrol launches The Election Budget: India 2024

It aims to offer comprehensive coverage for investors and consumers.

Moneycontrol, a business and markets news platform, is launching, The Election Budget: India 2024. Using data visualisation tools, this coverage is designed to provide insights of PM Narendra Modi government’s last budget before the general elections.

With a focus to report accurate, insightful, and easy-to-understand data, it will cater to the changing needs of diverse digital audiences. Moneycontrol’s team of journalists will aim to demystify government policies, and provide analysis of their implications on businesses and investors.

Alongside in-depth reportage and analysis, Moneycontrol has introduced new data tools to facilitate a deeper understanding of the Union Budget. Users can immerse themselves in games like ‘Play the FM’ and ‘Budget Word Cloud’. Furthermore, its Income Tax Calculator will provide readers with insights into the Budget's impact on their pockets.

Moneycontrol’s live digital video broadcast feed on Budget Day will feature exclusive perspectives from industry leaders, investors, market gurus, and its team of experts. This includes how the Budget will impact key industries and companies. 'Pitch Report’ delves into key issues, expectations, and the potential impact on major sectors, providing viewers with a thorough understanding of the economic landscape.

‘Fast and focused’, a key aspect of this coverage is to identify key gainers and losers with an in-depth perspective. Furthermore, the 'Personal Finance' segment decodes how the budget will impact individuals. The 'Budget in Charts' feature simplifies complex financial information into visuals, to ensure the audience stays well-informed.

Additionally, in the Modi@10 series, it will showcase the impact of budgets presented during Narendra Modi’s decade-long tenure. To complete the narrative, Moneycontrol also profiles the people behind the scenes with a special feature series, 'Team FM'.

The interim Budget 2024, scheduled on the eve of national elections, presents a challenge of striking a delicate balance between policies aimed at pleasing voters and upholding fiscal responsibility. It aims to delve into the nuances of these policies, offering critical insights essential for navigating the complex economic landscape.

Nalin Mehta, managing editor,said "Though this is an Interim Budget, it sets the political agenda ahead of national elections. As India’s leader in business news, Moneycontrol’s unmissable coverage will provide news and insights that matter for investors, traders, consumers, and everyone interested in the larger India story. To cut through the clutter and understand the big story behind the Finance Minister’s numbers, log into Moneycontrol on Budget Day.”

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