Mumbai Police get 6,000 healthy nutrient-rich Munchilicious Granola packs

Mumbai’s cops are one of the most active COVID-19 warriors in the forefront of action and the police patrolling the City during lockdown need lots of appreciation as well as much more to keep them going 24x7! There is some relief on its way to the Mumbai Police, who have been working very hard, and are not able to get basic food at regular intervals due to a hectic schedule. Janta Warriors Mumbai Police have now got 6,000 healthy nutrient-rich packs of Munchilicious Granola by SOCH Foods LLP - a mixture of dried fruits, nuts, seeds, fruits, grains, pulses, etc. - that can be eaten anytime anywhere on the move.

Janta Warriors Mumbai Police have been provided safe and hygienic packs of Munchilicious Granola, which promotes healthy anytime anywhere snacking. At present, Munchilicious Granola has 5 delicious variants – Original (80% Nuts, Seeds & Grains), Dried Fruits (82% Nuts, Seeds, Fruits & Grains), Dark Chocolate (56% Nuts, Seeds & Grains), Grain Free (91% Nuts, Seeds & Fruits) and Desi Twist (84% Nuts, Seeds, Grains & Pulses). These healthy snack packs are a better option compared to unhygienic street food that the cops generally consume.

While presenting the packets to the police, Rohit Mohan Pugalia, Promoter & CEO, SOCH Foods LLP (also an ET Business Icon), said, “Food for thought = thought for Food has always been the motto of SOCH Foods! It is an honour and a privilege to do something for selfless Mumbai police. Their wellbeing and health is important to us and that’s why we want them to consume Munchilicious Granola packs with nutrient-rich ingredients - every bit as TASTY as it is HEALTHY.” He added, “Janta Warriors Mumbai Police have to be mindful of the food they consume - consuming ‘brain food’ to maintain an active lifestyle. We, at SOCH Foods, put a lot of thought into designing the kind of food that helps maintain a conscious eating habit for people who want to lead an active lifestyle. Munchilicious Granola is a PREMIUM offering with a rich mix of nuts, dried fruits, and seeds among other things, which make every cop’s snacking experience convenient, easy and guilt-free.”

All products are manufactured in a ISO 22000:2005 certified facility with ISO 22,000 - Food Safety Management System. FSSC - Food Safety System Certification and TUV - are German businesses that provide inspection and product certification services. Purvi Pugalia, the co-promoter of SOCH Foods, is the Master Chef of Munchilicious Granola, who supervises the taste and quality aspects of the brand. Purvi realised the need to create a way for flavour to marry health. She decided to attack unhealthy snacks with an array of healthy, crunchy and scrumptious food, without the addition of any preservatives. Experimenting with a variety of guilt-free options, these homemade mouth-watering recipes lead the husband-wife duo to work together in giving rise to food brands that are perfectly healthy, tasty and hassle-free.

SOCH Foods LLP offer home-designed, international-quality, nutrient-rich food with great taste and convenience for the modern day, health-conscious working population. SOCH Foods create a work culture where ideas are inspired and manifested into delivering a meaningful product that ushers in a positive change in people’s daily habits. The flagship brand of SOCH Foods is Munchilicious Granola. A FUN, NUTRITIOUS PICK-ME-UP for ANY TIME of the day - whether it’s a quick breakfast, evening tea, or random pangs of hunger - there exists a Munchilicious Granola flavour for every mood. Today, they are present in 200 stores in 10 Indian cities and 10 countries across the world. SOCH Foods gives back to society by supporting causes via a charitable trust. Rohit Mohan Pugalia, Founder, SOCH Foods LLP, has been recognized as ET (Economic Times) Business Icon 2020 for achieving excellence as an entrepreneur and his exemplary contribution to society in preferred Healthy Snacking category.

(We got this information in a press release.)

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