MY FM forms the longest Online Human Chain on Earth Day

MY FM, the radio arm of Dainik Bhaskar Group, celebrated Earth Day’s 50th anniversary by forming a unique human chain while maintaining social distancing and standing true to the belief of its umbrella campaign ‘Bina Milen Sath Laden’. The purpose of the chain was to pledge for a pollution-free planet.

The current virus outbreak has made the world realize that nature has its own way of healing. Around the world, it has been observed that the global pollution level has significantly come down because of the biggest human lockdown the planet has ever witnessed. The positive effects have also been witnessed in India, with the air quality improving and the banks of our most polluted rivers- Ganga & Yamuna, finally seeing the flow of clear and clean streams.

MY FM took this opportunity to start a much needed eye-opening communication to make everyone realize that even after this lock-down ends, we all will make sure that nature does not go through this exploitation again. It started an online mission to pledge for a pollution-free planet by attempting to create the longest virtual human chain. The activity witnessed an overwhelming response with over 20 thousand people from across boundaries, professions and demographics joining in the initiative. Medical and governmental department leaders like IMA Nagpur President Kush Zunzunwala, DCP Traffic Nagpur Vikram Sali, Maharashtra’s weatherDepartment head ML Sahu, and Central Railway Department Head SG Rao took part as well. Even celebrities like Tanaaz Irani, Rohit Roy, Tochi Raina, Swaroop Khan, Aditi govitrikar and Megha Chakraborty joined hands in this chain.

Speaking on the initiative, Rahul Namjoshi, COO, MY FM, adds: “MY FM has always been on the forefront of the war against pollution. Since last one year we have been working against the adoption of single-use plastic with ‘Plastic Bharat Chhoro’. Now, on the 50th anniversary of Earth day, we pledge to make this a greener planet than it was ever before. I thank everyone who has appreciated this and joined this chain. I hope this chain keeps on growing and we step forward in implementing laws against earth’s exploitation”.

(We got this information in a press release.)