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My Mantra has always been to thrive for excellence in all walks of life: Bipin Pandit

Upon completing 25 years with The Advertising Club, The COO looks back at his journey in an open letter to the advertising body.

It was on March 1st, 1998 that I joined The Advertising Club. My appointment letter was issued by the most respected, ever smiling and immensly popular Ramesh Narayan, who was the President then.

Time really flies and how 25 years have gone by is something of which I think now and look upon the entire journey with lots of satisfaction, sense of achievement and accomplishment.

The Advertising Club today is in possession of all the statutory documents required. It is completely automated with the best of technology on board, adept to handle event of any magnitude. Effies, Emvies, Abbys at Goafest, Marquees, Adasia are fine examples. Systems and procedures are in place with our judging sessions rated on par with the best and of course our connect with members is rock solid as we have always believed in being member friendly. I Am happy that Adclub is regarded by many as the biggest and busiest club of its kind in the world.

On a personal note, the figure of 850 events accomplished till date is an extremely happy situation to be in. It is extremly statisfying that I have been the point person and an integral part of 22 Effies, 21 Emvies, 10 Abbys, 15 Goafest, 12 Adasia, 3 Marquees, and 500 plus jury sessions. Some of these events are truly world class and biggest of our country. When I had joined, Abbys was the main show of the Adclub and the industry. In fact it was a bigger brand than Adclub. We also had AdWorks and M.AD Quiz at that point of time, today we have 5 to 6 shows which are the biggest of our country, not to forget events such as DCODE, VICE & VERSA, M.Ad.Quiz, Educational workshops etc.

I am happy that during these 25 years, we could build a very good team at the Secretariat which initially required patience and meticulous training. During this period we could train 500 plus students and teach at various event institutes. I am happy that I could be of help to APPIES Singapore for seven years in succession. The Effies N.Y a premier body have also respected and implemented some of our suggestions. In fact Effie India is No. 2 or 3 in terms of performance amongst all of its 50 plus partners across the Globe.

I believe that being proactive, efficient, passionate, forward looking, committed, organized and punctual helps in life. Seeking enjoyment in small things of life also helps a great deal. My Mantra has always been - Thrive for excellence in all walks of life and It is better to inspire others than look for inspiration. Further what you give to the job is more important then what the job gives you.

Besides Work I am strongly involved with Music. Thus floated Khumaar, my own musical nite which has become a Brand in 16 years. I also wrote a coffee table book, came out with a Khumaar Express Supplement, and have started an online chat show on my Youtube Channel. I am happy that I could compare a show for the Bharat Ratna, Pandit Bhimsen Joshi and also wrote some good lines for another Bharat Ratna, Sachin Tendulkar for which he has written a personal letter of appreciation.

The Advertising Club always had great leadership and I take this opportunity to thank all my Presidents (I have worked with 12 of them), Mancom members (I have worked with 400 of them), my team members at the Secretariat , friends from Advertising, Media, Marketing, Digital, P.R and Research fraternity for all their support and cooperation. You all have been simply brilliant and cannot be forgotten during this momentous occasion.

I love to learn and will continue to learn from all of you to do more good work for Adclub in future. I would like to apologies if I have inadvertently hurt anybody. I do need God's blessings and your good wishes for my extended innings with the Adclub and all my future endeavours.

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