Narayana Health unveils 'InsidER' - a Medical docudrama series directed by prominent pictures

The series is streaming on JioTV, JioTV+ and JioCinema.

Narayana Health has entrusted Prominent Pictures with the creative duties to produce "InsidER," a medical docudrama series. Now available for streaming on JioTV, JioTV+ and JioCinema, the OTT platform, the series offers a glimpse into the high-stakes world of emergency medicine, blending intense medical scenarios with deeply human stories.

Crafted around four fundamental pillars—high-stakes medical cases, emotional authenticity, educational insight, and compelling storytelling—"InsidER" has captured the audience’s imagination. The series takes a suspenseful thriller approach to deliver a gripping and emotionally charged docudrama based on real cases.

Each episode is crafted emotions, drawing the audience into the heart of every medical emergency and the monumental challenges faced by the clinicians at Narayana Health. Each case not only marks a significant milestone in the hospital's journey but also holds immense importance in the context of Indian emergency awareness.

Mukesh Jagoorie, who conceptualised and produced the series, expressed his enthusiasm about the project's reception, stating, "Witnessing the journey of 'InsidER' from concept to a beloved series has been incredibly fulfilling. Our aim was to create a series that is as informative and authentic as it is engaging. The positive feedback from our audience confirms that we have achieved that, and it’s been an extraordinary journey."

"The 'InsidER' campaign emerged from our profound desire to recognise the bravery of patients and the often-overlooked struggles of families facing medical crises. Over ten months, our teams worked tirelessly across India to capture the intense reality of the ER. Through collaboration with clinicians, patients, and their families, we depict those pivotal moments that shape lives forever. This series shows the importance of resilience, frontline workers, and knowing your ER number. A simple act like having this number readily available can mean the world. We extend our deepest gratitude to Mr. Mukesh and the team at Prominent Pictures for bringing this impactful project to life", said Ashish Bajaj, chief marketing officer at Narayana Health.

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