Nat Geo’s upcoming documentary ‘A Unicorn’s Revolution’ to showcase tech revolution in education

With the widespread use of the internet, the digital world has grown to become crucial to the functioning of society. By 2023, India is expected to have 900Mn internet users, close to 1Bn mobile users and 2.1Bn device connections. With the country at a cusp of transformation, EdTech is emerging as a game-changer in improving the quality and standard of education using technology. Spotlighting India’s greatest revolutions sweeping across its education sector, National Geographic with its rich legacy of immersive storytelling has announced a documentary titled, ‘A Unicorn’s Revolution’. The documentary chronicles the journey of one of India’s largest learning platforms, Unacademy, whilst highlighting an innovative way of learning, teaching and aiming to deliver the best education content to build a stronger nation.

Premiering tonight at 9.30 pm on National Geographic, the film will provide viewers an inside view of India’s educational technology revolution that is taking place nationwide. From the biggest of cities to the smallest of towns; spreading its roots through living rooms and cafes, on public transport and in offices, seeking to improve millions of lives and with it shaping a better future for the society as a whole. The film explores this new education eco-system through the eyes of various stakeholders- learners, educators, entrepreneurs and innovators who are collaborating to bring a new vision to life by making high quality education accessible and affordable for everyone in India. The 42-minute film also features their success stories with Unacademy and their journey from a learner to an educator.

Talking about the film, Anuradha Aggarwal, Head - Infotainment, English, and Kids, Star India, says, “The country is on the brink of a digital transformation, and the rising popularity and acceptance of EdTech underlines that. Today, millions of students are accessing quality education from the comfort of their homes, positively impacting how they learn and prepare for a better future tomorrow. Unacademy is one such novel player, working towards enhancing the education system in the country.”

“Innovation and technology in education are instrumental in driving the growth and development of our nation. We, at Unacademy, take great pride in helping students across India crack their exams, by providing access to quality education regardless of where they live or their backgrounds. Working towards our mission of democratising education in India, we have partnered with National Geographic to reach out to millions of Indians who have the motivation to learn and need a platform to support their journey to success. Through this film we want to motivate learners who are seeking inspiration in their careers while we will continue to work hard to bring the best education to them,” says, Karan Shroff, Chief Marketing Officer, Unacademy.

National Geographic’s upcoming film, ‘A Unicorn’s Revolution’, will premiere tonight at 9.30 pm on National Geographic with a repeat telecast on Saturday, 19 September at 12 pm. The film will also be available on Disney+ Hotstar VIP.

(We got this information in a press release).