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NDTV network bolsters growth trajectory, onboards 150+ new members in last 3 months

In the past three months, NDTV Network has hired 150+ team members, showcasing unwavering commitment to growth and innovation.

NDTV Network, a venerable and influential player in the media industry, is embarking on an ambitious and strategic mission to substantially expand its workforce. This strategic endeavour signifies a pivotal milestone in supporting the network's bold expansion plans and ensuring its enduring prominence in the ever-evolving media landscape.

Sources have reported that over the past quarter, NDTV Network has successfully onboarded over 150 talented individuals, underscoring its unwavering commitment to nurturing growth, and injecting fresh vigour and innovation into the organisation. This surge in recruitment spans a multitude of critical functions, encompassing both broadcast and digital realms. It includes pivotal roles in editorial, production, sales, and marketing, exemplifying the network's steadfast dedication to enhancing its capabilities across the spectrum. 

It has also been reported that the network has achieved a remarkable 50% reduction in attrition rates, reinforcing NDTV Network's stature as an employer of choice during this ambitious hiring initiative. As NDTV Network readies itself for the imminent launch of new channels and gears up for comprehensive coverage of forthcoming elections, this upward trajectory in capacity development is set to persist. The network remains wholeheartedly committed to ensuring it possesses the talent and resources requisite to deliver top-tier content and news coverage to its discerning audience.

Beyond augmenting its talent pool, NDTV Network is diligently preparing for substantial infrastructural enhancements and a strategic relocation to modern facilities in Mumbai and Delhi. These developments harmoniously align with the network's vision for future growth and triumph, enabling it to offer even superior services to its ever-expanding audience.

With this robust recruitment campaign and its recent foray into the regional landscape through channels such as NDTV MP CG and NDTV Rajasthan, NDTV Network is cementing its status as a dynamic and influential force within the media industry. The network unwaveringly upholds its commitment to delivering premium content and news coverage—an admirable pledge in an industry that has exercised caution regarding workforce expansion in recent years.

As NDTV Network continues to explore uncharted territories, with more regional channels on the horizon, it stands undeniably poised for a future characterised by innovation, resilience, and sustained excellence.

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