News18 HSM Network launches campaigns to address public issues

News18 Rajasthan and Bihar/Jharkhand to showcase issues prevalent in the states.

News18 has been the most preferred news destination that strives to raise and address issues which affect the people. Recently, two new special campaigns have been launched by News18 HSM channels regarding serious concerns of the people of each state.

In recent years the water shortage in Rajasthan has increased as the available water resources are becoming scarce due to overexploitation, wastage and pollution. To raise awareness regarding water protection and conservation for the future generations and for concerned authorities to take action towards the pressing issue, News18 Rajasthan has launched ‘पानी है अनमोल’. The campaign has special shows highlighting stories based on water crisis, conservation and current status of water resources.

News18 Bihar/Jharkhand has also launched a special awareness drive to fight against menace of drug addiction in Bihar, 'नशवा नरक में ले जाइ'. There has been an alarming spike in substance abuse in the dry state. The campaign has a series of special shows highlighting current situation of drug abuse in Bihar and ways to control and prevent it. In addition, special debates and interviews will also be done with key stakeholders addressing the issue.

Watch ‘Paani Hai Anmol’ on News18 Rajasthan and ‘Nashva Narak Me Le Jayi’ exclusively on News18 Bihar/Jharkhand.

(We got this information in a press release).

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