News18 Lokmat welcome Lord Ganesha with Bappa Morya Re

On the Ananth Chaudasi, News18 Lokmat would telecast live visarjan from various parts of Maharashtra.

As people across the country celebrate the Ganesh Chaturthi.News18 Lokmat welcome Lord Ganesha through its illustrious bouquet of programming called Bappa Morya Re. Celebrating the spirit of Ganesh Utsav the programming would revolve around various specialities that festival brings along with it. From visiting various Ganesh pandals to showing what are special varieties of prasads are prepared in this festival. Bappa Morya Re would be showing various untold stories and facts related to Ganesh Festival. It would showcase the videos and pictures shared by viewers of their homes with special Ganesh decoration done by them. Special Gauri Celebration from across Maharashtra would be aired in the special show Gauri Alya Ghari. News18 Lokmat would also visit houses of various celebrities and showcase how they are celebrating Ganesh Ustav this year in special show Celebrity Bappa. Interesting stories of their childhood memories with regards to Ganesh utsav and what are the various food delicacies they prepare during the festival.

(We got this information in a press release).