News18 Rajasthan launches a Road Safety Campaign

An initiative to spread awareness regarding the importance of wearing seat belts while Driving.

News18 Network as the most trusted news network has always been on the front line when it comes to spreading awareness regarding public safety and wellness. Through its campaigns over the months News18 Network has been really successful in leaving an impact on the general public.

In recent times the number of accidents and their fatality has sky rocketed, to address this issue News18 Rajasthan has launched a campaign around road safety with an aim to promote the usage of seat belts while driving.

“सीटबेल्ट लगाइए सुरक्षित घर आइए” is an initiative to educate the viewers on proper usage of seat belt, the importance of wearing seat belt for back seat passengers as well and how can it help in reducing the fatality.

The launch episode itself saw the support of many dignitaries including Brijendra Singh Ola (Transport & Road Safety Minister of Rajasthan) who wholeheartedly welcomed the campaign and appreciated News18 Rajasthan’s new initiative.  The discussion also included Kailash Bishnoi (Additional CP, Jaipur Police), Dr. Manish Aggarwal (Neurosurgeon, SMS Hospital) and Road safety expert Prerna Singh, who encouraged our viewers on wearing seat belt while driving.

(We got this information in a press release).

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