News9 Mediaverse lines up a fare of documentaries, stories and news to parse Lok Sabha Election 2024

It premieres five documentaries covering India's political landscape, while News9 Live provides pre-poll and poll-day coverage.

As India prepares for the 2024 General Election, the News9 Mediaverse, TV9 Network’s digital-native English news brand, unveils an array of pre-election and poll coverage content across its platforms News9 Plus, news OTT, and News9 Live, India's 24x7 digital-exclusive English news live stream. From dissecting the BJP's poll strategies to examining the surge of right-wing politics the world over, News9 Plus and News9 Live promise to engage and enlighten audiences across the political spectrum with 5 short documentaries and a host of shows analysing the unfolding election.

‘Bullets to the Ballot’ on News9 Plus delves into the darkness at the heart of India's political landscape, documenting an alarming rise in the number of Members of Parliament with pending criminal cases against them. Highlighting the tactics employed in such cases to squelch dissent and command fear and respect in constituencies, ‘Bullets to Ballot’ features interviews with experts like Jagdeep S. Chhokar (founding member of Association for Democratic Reforms) and author Manisha Priyam to shed light on the intricate nexus between crime and politics, offering a sobering reflection on the state of democracy in India.

Meanwhile, ‘Mandate 2024’ on News9 Live will offer viewers a comprehensive and thorough coverage of the elections, from the campaign rallies to the political rhetoric – using a refined and contemporary approach driven by a host of political experts.

‘BJP Poll Juggernaut’, on News9 Plus, offers an exclusive, granular look at the formidable electoral machinery of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP). From campaign strategies to structured hierarchies, the short documentary unravels the inner workings of the BJP's election-winning formula, at the smallest level – the polling booth. With a presence across nearly 8.50 lakh booths nationwide, the BJP's grassroots workers play a pivotal role in mobilising voters, as explained by subject matter experts like Sanjay Kumar, director of CSDS, and leaders like Uma Anandan, who feature prominently.

On News9 Live, the big election headlines will continue to run every 2 hours, capturing a snapshot of the ever-evolving election. Going beyond the headlines, a 360-degree approach to the election will furnish viewers with all the angles, as a special ten-minute segment will run through the day, encapsulating moving election stories.

Zooming out, ‘The World Votes – The Rise of the Right’ on News9 Plus takes a look at the big picture, as India along with 62 other countries goes in for an election in 2024. The documentary delves into the pivotal trends shaping these elections, notably the rise of authoritarian and populist right-wing leaders, in India, Europe and the United States. With insights from experts, including American sociologist Salvatore Babones and political scientist Yascha Mounk, the documentary explores the multifaceted dynamics surrounding leaders like Donald Trump, whose return to the White House could herald a seismic shift in global geopolitics. “Politics in all healthy democracies is cyclical … the wave reverses itself because people tire of incumbency”, says Babones in the documentary, about the right’s surging popularity. Back in India, the intersection of national identity and political mobilization takes centre stage, underscoring the profound influence of identity politics in shaping the 21st-century electorate.

Seemingly taking a cue from the subject of simultaneous elections, ‘BJP's Mission 2029’ offers a glimpse into the party's endeavour to revolutionise India's electoral landscape through the contentious 'One Nation, One Election' (ONOE). With views from experts both in support of and against the move – including those of former chief justice of Madras High Court MN Bhandari and former additional solicitor general of India Atmaram NS Nadkarni – the short documentary explores the potential benefits and challenges of synchronising elections at various levels of government, and the consequences of the same on the spirit of democracy in India.

‘The South Indian’ on News9 Live, featuring anchor Sudha Sadhanand, will cover the major election stories coming from south India, with an incisive analysis of the power plays between regional parties, and the potential impact of the national parties on dynamics in the southern states.

Diving into one of the most talked-about issues every election season, ‘Mandir Mandal’, explores the issue of reservation and caste-based politics in India. Throwing light on the identity politics of caste dynamics and reservation policies, it pivots between an analysis of the Mandal politics of the 1990s and prime minister Narendra Modi's strategic redefining of the 4 castes in India. Exploring the BJP’s delicate balance between the Mandal and Kamandal ideologies, ‘Mandir Mandal’ enlists the expertise of former ministers like Salman Khurshid, leaders like Chhagan Bhujbal, and diplomats like Pavan K Varma to examine the BJP's electoral calculus and its implications for the upcoming General Elections.

With more stories and analysis to feature soon on News9 Plus and News9 Live, the News9 Mediaverse promises viewers a coverage of the ‘why’ behind the ‘what’ this election season, going beyond the headlines to deliver insightful content that keeps viewers engaged and informed.

With monthly, quarterly, and annual subscription plans starting at Rs 99, News9 Plus offers subscribers access to news in a contemporary, OTT-style format, and a host of additional benefits with subscription to the annual plan, including complimentary gifts valued at Rs. 3,000 and access to 17 exclusive brand benefits.

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