Nykaa forays into home & travel care essentials

Proactively offering consumers the products that are need of the hour - Veggie Safe, Home Safe and Travel Safe Disinfectant Sprays.

Nykaa Beauty launches Home & Travel Care Essentials, adding a new dimension to its product portfolio. To meet the rising need for hygiene essentials, the brand from the House of Nykaa introduces Veggie Safe - fruit and vegetable cleaner; and Travel & Home Safe - disinfectant sprays for travel and home. Packaged in bright colorful bottles these user-friendly essentials are designed to lend a splash of cheer to your stay at home routine while effectively getting the job done.

Nykaa Beauty, which currently offers a collection of over 128 products featuring 977 SKUs under its Cosmetics & Naturals verticals, has always tapped into consumer requests and insights, when it comes to developing a new product. Under its Cosmetics portfolio the brand has a wide range of Eye, Lip, Face, Nail high quality products, while the Naturals vertical features an exotic Wanderlust Bath & Body Range, Skin Secrets Korean Sheet Masks, Skin Potion Facial Oils, to name a few. Nykaa will continue to roll out launches under the Beauty & Naturals range, while also catering to the current needs of its consumers for personal, home care & hygiene products.

Nykaa is rapidly adapting to the ‘new normal’, as 55% consumers according to a market survey conducted by Nielsen have shown a preference towards personal hygiene & safety products, moving forward. Nykaa Beauty was quick to act and earlier launched Clean Hands Sanitizer and Wanderlust Hand Wash to meet the increasing demand in the market. The brand is now expanding its portfolio by adding products specifically designed for home or outdoor usage, offering increased protection and hygiene.

Falguni Nayar, founder & CEO, Nykaa, “Nykaa was able to meet demands for essential products through the critical time of the lockdown, overcoming logistical hurdles and gaining customer trust. In the last few months we have responded rapidly to the needs of our customers, launching a range of hygiene essentials including Handwashes, Hand Sanitizers, Masks, PPE suits and Thermometers. We once again look to provide for the need of the hour with these home and travel essentials.”

Commenting on the new brand direction, Reena Chhabra, CEO Nykaa Brands, said, “We are witnessing a definitive shift in consumer habits with a consistent pattern of being increasingly focused on personal & domestic hygiene and safety. Consumers now expect a wider range of such products to meet their daily needs from credible and robust brands that they can trust, and we as a brand always strive to work on their feedback and inputs. This business direction is our way of meeting the shift in consumer demand and ensuring we offer a high-quality set of products to adapt to the new normal at accessible price points. Our constant R&D on new product developments in the past few months has allowed us to launch well timed products. Nykaa Beauty will continue to launch disruptive and innovative beauty and skincare products as well.”

Nykaa Beauty’s latest launch, Veggie Safe offers naturally derived cleansing ingredients that can be used to clean all fruits and vegetables (except mushrooms). It removes germs, chemicals, and waxes safely. It does not alter the composition of the product and leaves no aftertaste, smell, or residue behind. The easy to use formula is priced at INR 149/- for a 200 ml bottle. The Home Safe and Travel Safe Disinfectant Sprays contain 84.4% Absolute Alcohol and work with high efficiency to kill 99.9% germs. Home Safe is suitable for all surfaces like mobiles, laptops, doorknobs, bins, sinks as well as delivery packages. It comes with a gentle Lavender Extract and is priced at INR 199/- for a 200 ml spray bottle. Travel Safe is for when you are out & about without any access to soap or water. It is suitable for all surfaces like cars, desks, chairs, elevators, toilet seats etc. Travel Safe is enriched with Neem Extract, an aggressive cleansing agent that fights germs even when one is on the move. It is priced at INR 199/- for a 200 ml spray bottle.

Nykaa Veggie Safe, Home Safe and Travel Safe Disinfectant Sprays will be available on the Nykaa website/ app and in-stores across India.