OkCupid rolls out new product feature Stacks

OkCupid is rolling out the biggest mobile app redesign globally in the brand’s history, including playful icons and a new matching system — “Stacks” — that consolidates multiple discovery methods into one, making it even more fun to find the type of person you’re looking for.

The new Stacks discovery experience shows you people in a focused, thoughtful way, and gives you choice and control over who you’re dating through a series of new categories:

● Recommended

● Question Pros

● Online

● Nearby

● New People (paid)

● Popular (paid)

● Match % (coming soon)

We know that one of the hardest parts of dating is actually finding your person — so when we began reimagining what our platform could become, we kept that top of our mind. Now users can easily tap into each of the above categories to find someone based on who and what they’re looking for.

Our Question Pros Stack is an industry first, recognizing higher-intent daters who, research shows, are more likely to want a meaningful relationship. Answering more questions is a sign of investment in the dating process and willingness to really get to know someone, which in turn signals that someone is ready to be in a meaningful relationship so we wanted to be sure to include a Stack category that celebrated these users. Our matching questions help us connect people with those they’re most compatible with, encourage people to really think about what’s important to them in dating and relationships, and localize and personalize the experience for our users around the world. And there’s been over 295 million responses to our matching questions this year (8+ billion responses since we launched).

And Stacks really does work! Since we began testing Stacks, women on OkCupid started sending 2X as many likes as they were previously! And while women are more likely to use the Questions Pro Stack, the most popular Stacks are Online and Nearby.

So whether you're looking to chat with someone who you have a high Match % with (which means we think you'll really like them), who’s Online Now or even Nearby, “Stacks” makes it easier and more fun.

Ariel Charytan, chief executive officer at OkCupid, said: “We know that daters are looking for different things at different times, and we want to empower people on OkCupid to choose their own preferences as they match on what matters to them. Over the years, we’ve spoken to millions of daters and successful couples, and through these conversations we learned that people want control over their own path. When creating “Stacks” we aimed to put the power back into the hands of our daters. They’re in control, we just gave them the map to navigate their own dating and relationship journey.”

(We got this information in a press release).

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