Oliver Kahn discusses leadership in Duologue with Barun Das S2 episode, exploring the qualities of a legend

The episode premiered on India’s 24x7 digital English CTV news stream News9 Live, at 9 pm on the May 25, 2024.

The second episode of 'Duologue with Barun Das’ Season 2 premiered on India’s 24x7 digital English CTV news stream News9 Live, at 9 pm on the May 25, 2024.

Episode 2 features the serial disrupter of the news media landscape engaging in an in-depth conversation with German goalkeeper, Oliver Kahn. The webisode dives into Kahn's career, his insights into leadership, and reflections on the essence of the beautiful game.

Barun Das, the MD and CEO of TV9 Network, kicks off the conversation by expressing his overwhelming admiration for Oliver Kahn, acknowledging him as a true legend and the "G.O.A.T." (Greatest of All Time). Delving into the challenges of being a goalkeeper, the two men share experiences about the loneliness at the top, and the immense responsibility of serving as the last line of defence – on the pitch or in an organisation.

In a never-seen-before revelation of the secrets to his success, Kahn shares intimate details of his journey, reflecting on the three key levers of leadership. The conversation navigates the delicate balance between physical prowess and mental fortitude in the realm of sports, with Kahn reflecting on how sheer hard work compensated for his perceived lack of natural talent in his early days of football.

In a walk down memory lane, Kahn recalls the reasons for his interest in the art of goalkeeping, and the two men who shaped the destiny of the legend he would go on to become. Retracing the ups and downs of his career, he finds common ground with Barun Das in their approach towards adversity, leadership and responsibility.

While on the subject of the latter, Kahn bares an uncharacteristically vulnerable side to himself, talking about the importance of learning to deal with loss in a sport where, as he puts it, “the winner takes it all.”

One of Kahn’s most defining moments, both as a player and as a person, took place during the crucial, final minutes of the 2002 World Cup final, when Germany conceded a second goal to Brazil, with Oliver Kahn in the post. What was learned only later, however, was that Kahn played on even with torn ligaments in his right hand.

“That's what you have to do as a leader. There are no excuses. You are responsible”, he says, talking about the ill-fated match. Refusing, even today, to let the injury be cited as the reason for his concession of the goals, he says, “I was the goalkeeper. I made the mistake... And I have to take responsibility for that mistake. There are no excuses for that.”

Ever the goalkeeper at heart, Kahn also shares his appreciation for the keeping chops of the player on the Argentine side who he believes to be the true, underrated star of the 2023 World Cup.

Having plenty of managerial experience as former CEO of Bayern Munich, Kahn also shares his thoughts on the future of football in India, emphasising three crucial boxes that he believes need ticking in order for India to take its soccer teams to global turfs.

The conversation, between one CEO and a player-turned-CEO, will be followed by an episode featuring the author and alternative medicine advocate Deepak Chopra, on Saturday the June 1, 2024, only on News9 Live.

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