OML announces BACARDí NH7 Weekender lineup 2020

The lineup showcases leading talent from India and the glob

Since its first edition in 2010, BACARDÍ NH7 Weekender has firmly cast its identity as a festival for music connoisseurs with a commitment to authenticity, that has earned it a one-of-a-kind label.

When one considers BACARDÍ NH7 Weekender’s immense popularity, it is important to note that no shortcuts were taken on the way to success. Audiences have been won over by the festival programming team’s genuine commitment to great music.

From a global perspective as well, the team have been quick to notice smaller independent artists in other parts of the world, and have many a time been part of the first wave to recognize talent that has later gone on to achieve cult-like status. A genuine excitement over the discovery of new music is reflected in the varied and eclectic lineups that have been produced year after year. Music fans resonate deeply with this sentiment, and appreciate the fact that they are represented and heard by a music festival that has never deviated from its mission statement.

“Our endeavour was to create a digital experience that is specially curated for BACARDÍ NH7 Weekender fans. The lineup showcases leading talent from India and the globe with emphasis on delivering a one of a kind performance”, said Ashish Jose, Head of Programming, OML.

"We are extremely excited to bring India’s happiest music festival BACARDÍ NH7 Weekender to our fans in a virtual avatar. This decade-long legacy of bringing music and immersive cultural experiences alive, has only been possible with the undying support of the artists and our audiences. Despite numerous challenges this year, we’re really proud of what we’ve put together and thrilled to be announcing such amazing acts. We are committed to nurturing the Weekender state of mind while keeping everyone’s safety at the forefront and like every year, we will continue to celebrate the spirit of always doing what moves us”. said Sameeksha Uniyal, Senior Brand Manager, Brand BACARDÍ, India & South-east Asia.

OML announces BACARDí NH7 Weekender lineup 2020

Artists will be shooting their sets for this edition of the festival, and will be doing so from locations across the globe. In true Weekender spirit, they will perform on different virtual “stages”, meaning fans will have to make bittersweet decisions with regards to who to watch. The festival will share a programming schedule, so audiences can rest assured they won’t miss out on those whom they’re most excited to watch.

“There has always been a lot of love and thought that’s gone into planning every edition. The only difference this time was that we were looking at it through a different lens. From the little things like considering what material aspects of the on-ground festival would be possible to include, to ensuring that audiences could interact and enjoy shared experiences with artists, the entire approach has been to try to recreate that BACARDÍ NH7 Weekender community feeling in a virtual world. The support from BACARDÍ for the music community has been invaluable year on year and the team at PaytmInsider has played a crucial role in helping us make this happen virtually this year.”, says OML CEO Gunjan Arya.

(We got this information in a press release).

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