OnePlus introduces new AR experience activity for its recently launched OnePlus TVs

OnePlus community can now virtually try out the new products in the comfort of their homes.

OnePlus community can now virtually try out the new products in the comfort of their homes.OnePlus, the global technology brand, has introduced a new demo activity powered by augmented reality for its recently launched OnePlus TV U Series and OnePlus TV Y Series. With this unique AR activity, consumers can now virtually experience the products in the comfort of their homes.

The new Smarter Home Demo activity provides potential users with a valuable opportunity to gain first-hand experience of the new OnePlus TVs. Upon accessing the AR activity link, users merely need to point their smartphone camera at a wall or a table surface in their home. And the AR demo activity immediately demonstrates what the TV would look like in the chosen premise of their home, be it a wall mounted TV option or a TV with table stand preference.

Users can also easily choose among the three variants of the new OnePlus TVs, which is the OnePlus TV U Series 55-inch, OnePlus TV Y Series 43-inch and 32-inch respectively. With all three product options readily available, users can easily assess the TV variant that best fits within the dimensions of their home. With these unique aspects, the new AR activity not only allows users to gain a better understanding of how the new OnePlus TV would be positioned in their home interiors; it also empowers the users to make an informed purchase decision.

Adding to its immersive experience, the Smarter Home Demo activity seamlessly enables users to also directly access the product page on Community members or potential users can easily access the Smarter Home Demo activity through the following link. All major Android users as well as iOS users can utilize this unique offering.

Addressing the new AR activity, Siddhant Narayan, Head of Marketing, OnePlus India, shared, “At OnePlus, we constantly seek innovative avenues powered by technology. And we utilize these avenues to provide our community with new, engaging experiences that help fulfil our consumers’ demands. True to our Never Settle spirit, the Smarter Home Demo AR activity is meant to provide just that, and more. In times of the new normal, we decided to push our boundaries further. And we bought our OnePlus TV experience to the homes of our users using Augmented Reality. We hope that our community would truly enjoy and make the most of this unique activity, just like they did with our OnePlus 8 Series 5G AR unboxing.”

Furthering the company’s ‘Never Settle’ spirit, the new OnePlus smart TVs are designed to provide users with a premium, connected ecosystem experience at a truly affordable segment. The new OnePlus TVs provide best in class display with 93% color gamut and Gamma Engine features, as well as Dolby Vision on the OnePlus TV U Series, all of which makes for stunning picture quality, and dynamic visuals. In addition, the new OnePlus TVs offer premium, bezel-less design, maximizing display space. Powered by Dolby Atmos in the OnePlus TV U Series and Dolby Audio in the OnePlus TV Y series, the OnePlus TVs provide a remarkable cinematic soundstage to fully immerse users in their favorite shows.

The OnePlus TV U Series 55-inch is priced at INR 49,999, while the OnePlus TV Y Series 43-inch and 32-inch is priced at INR 22,999 and INR 12,999 respectively. The new OnePlus TVs will be available for purchase on as well as in OnePlus Experience Stores and Reliance Digital across metro cities in India.

(We got this information in a press release)