Online Examination Platform: A Futuristic approach for practical Implication

The new normal is shaping the education system and examination strategy for agile educators to certify that students won’t lose their exams.

Education Industry has gone through a lot of transitions and has led to an online examination platform as a futuristic approach. The transition in examination pattern has been observed by many educators and students. Not in terms of resources but, the content has also changed. The teaching and learning have shifted to the online mode. Though, technology has emerged as a boon during this time.

If we talk about the advent of online examination platforms, it has made the examination process simple and smooth and has accelerated the pace of teaching and learning. An online examination is maintaining continuity in teaching and learning, and adapting the requirements of the digital natives. So, it is shifting from classroom learning to online learning.

There are certain software’s which are helping in conducting courses, classes, and assessments. They are innovative and come with lots of benefits, Think Exam is a hassle-free platform and secure. Most of the leading universities, colleges, and institutes are relying on the Think Exam platform for seamless examination. The entire system has altered after the emergence of effective software.

Online Examination Platform: New Age development

Examination authorities are looking for a secure platform for conducting examinations. It comes with a user-friendly interface and mechanism to emphasize the authenticity of the exam. This solution is prominent for analyzing the student’s learning. Since the disruption of technology, online examination platforms are playing a significant role in maintaining the specific intent of the examination. Many organizations have been working in this domain for a long time. Think Exam is prominent for conducting concurrent examinations with 100% accuracy and in a secure way. This new-age online assessment platform permits schools, colleges, and universities to conduct exams seamlessly.

Online Examination Platform: A Futuristic approach for practical Implication

Initially, educational institutes were skeptical about online examination platforms, it was challenging for them to use them and rely on them. Many organizations postponed the use of online examination platforms because of their complicated use. When the situation remained the same in 2021, schools and universities moved towards online exams.

The new normal is shaping the education system and examination strategy for agile educators to certify that students won’t lose their exams.

Think Exam focuses on learning through technology, it helps automate the entire examination process and helps in conducting exams seamlessly with remote proctoring.

As far as remote proctoring is concerned, it is one of the revolutionary steps after the advent of technology. Online examination is the most preferred way of examination by universities and institutes for cheat-free examination. Think Exam remote proctoring solution is utmost for fair examination. It comes with numerous features such as :

● Candidate Id Verification

● AI-based Remote Proctoring

● Human-based Live Proctoring

● Secure Exam Browser

● Insightful Report

There are multiple factors that are playing a significant role in the growth of remote proctoring such as a cheat-proof exam, secure browser, and verification. Think Exam remote proctoring solution offers complete cheat prevention.

Online Assessment Platform: Digitizing hiring process

Just like institutes and Universities, organizations were facing problems in streamlining the process of hiring during a pandemic. Online assessment platform is reshaping the hiring strategies and making it smooth. By going digital, it is acquiring a degree of hiring a candidate. Shifting from on-site to online hiring, it has become simple for hiring authorities to hire bulk candidates.

Think Exam Online assessment platform gives you scalability and security to hire the suitable candidate according to the job role. It is a powerful and cloud-based platform for all your assessment needs and a versatile platform for analyzing skills, personality, and assessment. It offers various types of assessments such as psychometric assessment, cognitive aptitude assessment, job-specific assessment, etc. A drastic shift from conventional hiring to virtual assessment has revolutionized the process of hiring.

In this new normal, various sectors have witnessed a transition in working after the adoption of technology. Online learning and teaching helped keep learning ongoing and the examination process easier.

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