‘Operation Farzi Bull Run' reported by Zee Business

The special report highlights the tricky trap and fraudulent tactics into which regular investors fall.

Zee Business’ investigation on ‘Operation Farzi Bull Run’ serves as an eye-opener to investors and the general public about the perplexing surges in loss-making & weak fundamental PSU (Public Sector Undertaking) stocks that gripped the Indian stock market. 

It raises alarm for investors, regulators, and market participants to take action and underscore sound judgment and vigilance in a dynamic financial landscape.

Anil Singhvi, managing editor, Zee Business, scrutinised the activity in a few small PSU shares through his extensive analysis. The selected PSU stocks displayed an upswing, ranging from 100% to 300% in just three months. Upon investigation, a sharp decline was also observed in Scooters India, MMTC, STC, Andrew Yule, KIOCL, FACT and HMT stocks.

‘Operation Farzi Bull Run’ explains how select groups of investors have been manipulating the prices of government-owned shares that are already underperforming. These manipulations have led to unprecedented price hikes, leaving small, unsuspecting investors at risk.

Emphasizing on the  impact of ‘Operation Farzi Bull Run’, Anil Singhvi, managing editor, Zee Business said, "We initiated 'Operation Farzi Bull Run' with the sole purpose of protecting investors. The stock market's current dynamics are captivating, but appearances can be deceiving. It's imperative for investors to exercise prudence and conduct thorough research."

Madhu Soman, CBO of Zee Business and WION, further added, "‘Operation Farzi Bull Run’ serves as a prime example of the tangible, real-world impact we aim to achieve. In fostering transparency and trust, our work not only benefits our viewers but also strengthens the integrity of the financial landscape."

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