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Option Designs launches FYR Media

FYR media, a newly launched Gurgaon based media venture by seasoned Industry professionals, started its operations by offering 360-degree media buying, planning and advertising services. Unlike traditional agencies; FYR Media (pronounced as fire media) works with an integrated approach, where entire teams work together in spirit of the campaign.

With the incorporation of technology in media platforms and cohesiveness of teams, FYR Media’s strategies centre primarily on thorough marketing measurements. These measurements include an in-depth research of current market trends and identifying the behaviour and patterns of consumers.

Regardless of growing online marketing, a great chunk of the population still relies on offline sources to measure a brand’s reliability. Many popular brands take to promoting their brands offline, apart from their online marketing ventures. FYR Media seeks to take these online behavioural patterns and combine it with offline platforms to create an interactive blend of Omni-channels, making way for an integrated customer experience.

When asked about the strategy, Vikas Anand, president of FYR Media said, “Offline and online marketing can no longer be treated as two separate entities. Both the consumer and the market have transformed, and so should our take on marketing. The wiser choice is to treat online and offline marketing as two sides of a single coin. This means that both platforms would now be more integrated, making it simpler to target the Brand’s overall objective. Besides, businesses will benefit from this strategy with the creation of a united phase for their Brand.”

What makes such a strategy crucial for businesses is that it gives much better Returns on Investment (ROI) and makes it easier and quicker for brands to analyse the results of a campaign. Covering the blurred area that exists between online and offline platforms, FYR Media’s mission is to give one a better insight into the marketing trends and using this insight to create a greater impact. Moreover, teams will work together with optimum transparency to achieve the primary goal of the brand campaign.

FYR Media has combined the domain of media planning and buying with technology, a marketing approach that has not yet been applied to the Indian market. It is believed that this new transformation in the media and marketing domain will be much more beneficial as well as result-driven when compared to traditional marketing strategies.

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