Oscar Jury Ujwal Nirgudkar Joins Planet Marathi OTT as Advisor

Ever since this big announcement, many high value names are getting associated with Planet Marathi.

Planet Marathi announced the first-ever Marathi OTT platform that aims to nurture Marathi content across genres for a global audience. This is a flagship idea that will revolutionize the way Marathi content is experienced with it’s salient feature of first-day-first-show experience for Marathi movie digital releases. Ever since this big announcement, many high value names are getting associated with Planet Marathi. After the public announcement of seasoned entertainment prodigy Amit Bhandari joining the team, we also saw a Singapore-based entertainment giant Vistas Media Capital join hands with Planet Marathi. Now, to cement the foundation of Planet Marathi as a global Marathi OTT big-wig, Oscar Jury Ujwal Nirgudkar joins the bandwagon.

Ujwal Nirgudkar is the first Indian to be invited by the Oscar Academy to join as a member in the technical category (Members-At-Large) in 2017. He was pivotal in bringing Oscar President Mr. John Bailey to India in 2019 and opening the avenues of global recognition for the Indian Film Industry. Being a dignified industry fellow who has dedicated his life to nurturing the heritage, technology, and art of motion pictures globally, he is an asset at the Planet Marathi team. His role with Planet Marathi would be an advisory that takes Marathi content, talent, and filmmaking art, to global heights. His able leadership is emphatic with his accolades of a number of fellowships and National-International awards for his work in preserving, restoring, and transcribing great works of art. He has taken Marathi as well as Hindi films to global heights. Planet Marathi’s vision to propel ‘Marathi’ into the world, not just as a language but as an evolved medium of entertainment, gets one step closer to realization with the able collaboration of Ujwal Nirgudkar.

While talking about his association with Planet Marathi, Ujwal Nirgudkar says, “I am very happy to join Planet Marathi as an Advisor. Marathi language has a rich content in the form of literature, which is still not explored to its full potential. Planet Marathi’s OTT platform has the technology & marketing capabilities to make it possible.”

Marathi content like Movies, Web series & Live Events will be easily available online to all Marathi speaking population around the world 24/7. Future of Media & Entertainment will see the power of regional content from India & I am very sure that Planet Marathi will definitely be the leader. "

Akshay Bardapurkar, CMD, Planet Marathi, who is the visionary behind the movement that Planet Marathi is, is the thread that binds all the talent together. While talking about the role these recent developments play in Planet Marathi’s overarching vision, Akshay says, “The way Marathi industry has worked over the years needed a nudge in the right direction. We have immense talent, state of the art filmmaking technology, expertise that can create meaningful and entertaining content, yet we lacked the skill to package our art and pull the audiences to the theatres. Planet Marathi OTT revolutionizes the way Marathi films, shows, and digital content is marketed, presented, and consumed. The recent association with Ujwal Nirgudkar is going to give Planet Marathi the right resources, expertise, and fuel to grow! I am glad that not just Marathi or Hindi, but global bigwigs demonstrated their faith in a Marathi platform understanding the value that we bring to the table.”

The recent developments in Planet Marathi OTT’s portfolio have piqued the curiosity of entertainment enthusiasts, industry professionals, filmmakers, investors, and audiences globally. There is an eagerness to experience the Planet Marathi OTT platform and the positive momentum it brings to the Marathi entertainment industry.

(We got this information in a press release).

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