Companies launches new brand film - My Father's Dream

In line with its brand philosophy "Paison Se Badhkar",, India's largest marketplace platform for lending products, has released its second brand film - MY FATHER'S DREAM.

The 4:48 film is about the challenges and struggles of India's common man, over the course of his life, to fulfill just one dream - To have a home of his own. And how this time, a daughter rises up to fulfill her father's long-cherished dream, years after he has given up. A dream he saw, became theirs.

Within 3 days of its launch on digital platforms, the film has garnered over 5 million views on YouTube and other channels and has been shared over 20,000 times on Facebook alone.

The inspiration behind this story came from the conversations with millions of Paisabazaar customers, who visit with the trust to find the best home loan offer and assistance in what can be a long, complex process to have your own home in your possession.

Over the last few months, the home loan market has seen a surge despite the pandemic and economic slowdown, due to the sharp fall in home loan rates and the "work from home" routine. A survey by shows a large section of Home Loan customers believe since home is the new office and that's where the majority of the time is spent, they were encouraged to invest in a home. The work-from-home is becoming working from your OWN home culture along with a growing sentiment shift towards savings and asset creation post-pandemic.'s first brand film "The Wedding Speech" released in 2018, received brand love from all over the country and beyond, with over 100 million views.'s brand philosophy is based on the thought that taking a loan is not just a monetary transaction and represents dreams, aspirations and dire need of our loved ones. As one of India's largest fintech consumer brands, strives to stand by all its customers always, through the right advise and products.

Credits for "My Father's Dream #StoryOfADaughter":

Creative agency : Inhouse Paisabazaar Creative Team

Production house: K Silent Films & A Glass Whiskey Productions

Director: Anand Karir

(We got this information in a press release).

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