Paytm Independence Day ad film ‘Azaadi Ki Goonj’ strikes a chord with millions of Indians

Evokes a strong patriotic sentiment & highlights how digital payments have made our life simpler amidst the pandemic.

India’s homegrown digital financial services platform Paytm has launched a special film on the occasion of India’s 73rd Independence Day. Titled ‘Azaadi Ki Goonj’ the film takes a novel approach to the meaning of the term Azaadi; evoking a strong patriotic sentiment and relates it to the ‘freedom of moving forward’- towards one's goal, towards empowerment- come what may.

The film reaffirms how the Paytm app has become a part and parcel of the lives of millions of Indians. It further depicts how it adds real value to the lives of merchants on its ecosystem. The messaging is in sync with the brand’s vision of driving financial inclusion across the country and bring half a billion Indians into the mainstream economy.

The film starts with a vivid shot of Indian national flag fluttering in the sky and an insightful question- "Azaadi – is lafz se humein pyar to hai... lekin ye azaadi hoti kya hai?" The film then depicts how the Paytm app has brought freedom to the life of a common man to carry on with their daily chores and stay unhindered amidst the pandemic. It shows several real-life scenarios of Indians making payments at grocery stores using Paytm UPI, recharging their phones to talk to their loved ones, paying their house rent while sitting in their bedroom, paying their utility bills on the go with Paytm’s ‘Automatic Bill Payment’ feature & more such situations

A series of beautifully strung words explain the meaning of the word ‘Azaadi”; today means to accomplish your goals, to be able to talk to your loved ones, to help each other and live life on your own terms no matter what is the situation. The film ends with an evocative yet light-hearted message of saluting India’s indomitable spirit, and another brilliant shot of our national flag- because India is our pride!

Jaskaran Kapany, Head Marketing, Paytm said, "At Paytm, we firmly believe that technology should help the masses achieve their goals & make their everyday life simpler. With our special Independence day film, we have tried to capture real evocative slice-of-life moments that everyone can relate to in these current times. Whether it is making a payment at your neighbourhood Kirana store while practicing social distancing norms, recharging your phone in a few seconds to talk to your dear ones or having your bills paid ‘automatically’- technology has brought immense convenience to our lives. And we are happy that we have been able to play a role in adding value to the lives of millions of Indians using the Paytm app. We are also happy to see that our film has struck a chord with millions of Indians & has become quite popular on social media platforms. This film is a small tribute to the idea of an ‘unstoppable India’, and strengthens our commitment to come out of these crises stronger together."

(We got this information in a press release).