Pop Communications launches an innovative AR filter for two-way engagement for Marriott On Wheels

The filter crafted by Pop Communications, is a super interactive game designed to please foodies.

Marriott on Wheels is Marriott International’s delivery programme that’s live in 60+ hotels in the country.

The filter crafted by Pop Communications, is a super interactive game designed to please foodies.

What sets it apart - it’s a non-selfie based filter game, meant to be played by 2 or more people.

The game showcases delicious food dishes lifted from the menus of Marriott hotels. And directs the gamers to play ‘Guess the food’ giving each other hints until the right answer is guessed.

The agency has successfully created a unique fun experience for users to play with each other that also creates brand recall.

In order to increase the longevity of the filter - it is refreshed in phases with new dishes being added as an update.

The filter has led to a 78% increase in engagement on the marriott on wheels social media page and also to direct sales conversions for the brand.

This also happens to be the first time any hospitality chain has innovated in this space.

The revenues for Marriott on wheels have been up by 14.2% week over week. And their page has seen 114% growth in follower base compared to weeks before the filter launch.

Pop Communications is an integrated creative agency and also a young enthusiastic production house.

The millennial agency led by it’s young co-founders Puneet Thadani and Geetika Khurana keeps in tune with the changing consumer behaviour and helps brands reach their audience in a better format to tell their story more effectively.

“The challenge here was to come up with an engaging AR filter which isn’t selfie based. And I think we did a good job in getting it right. With Pop, we’re on a mission to innovate brand communication making it more relevant to the changing times. “said, Puneet Thadani, Co-founder and chief managing director, Pop Communications.

“The filter focuses not just on brand recall but creates a relationship, an engagement with the brand. It’s been an absolute pleasure crafting it for the insta-generation. And it’s guaranteed to make you smile when you use it.”, added Geetika Khurana, Co-founder and Chief Creative Director, Pop Communications.

Marriott focuses on families, fun and togetherness. Where most brands choose to create selfie filters that people can enjoy by themselves, Marriott chose to create a filter that works only when you share the experience with someone.

“Marriott on Wheels is our food delivery platform, and we are consistently

adapting, looking for ways to keep the momentum going on our engagement levels with customers and guests alike. We believe food is a great initiator to conversations and connections, so why not have fun while doing so? Hence, we decided to showcase some of our best dishes through the medium of this filter. This fun filter allows our guests/customers to enjoy the app through a challenge or a game with their loved ones, while they recall the sheer pleasure of tucking into their favorite foods. Through our content & communication, we aim to give food a fun, innovative twist, while we bring Marriott on Wheels a little closer to home”

Khushnooma Kapadia- Area Director Marketing, South Asia, Marriott


The filter was launched by 60+ Marriott Hotels on the same day with a launch video that included a demo to play, also conceptualised by Pop communications.

It’s been capitalised in fun ways with the hotel Chef’s challenging each other to use it and beat each other’s scores. And guest feedback has been overwhelming towards the campaign. Brunch in a Box, Home party menus have become the most loved delivery options for the hotels.