Prime Video's Kelly Day emphasises customer-first strategy globally

Kelly mentioned that since early 2022, the platform has launched 280 local Original titles across 25 countries.

Kelly Day, vice president, International, Prime Video, discussed the company's customer-centric approach and its global strategy at APOS Bali 2023. She highlighted the importance of great content selection, convenience, and value in differentiating Prime Video worldwide, aiming to become the one-stop entertainment destination for customers.

Underlining Prime Video's investments, Kelly mentioned that since early 2022, the platform has launched 280 local Original titles across 25 countries, offering a wide variety of content to cater to diverse audiences. Additionally, Prime Video collaborates with over 500 channel partners worldwide to provide value to its customers.

Kelly stressed the significance of creating local content offerings to provide a personalised experience to customers in various regions. Prime Video aims to offer a local experience with global Originals and other acquired content while leveraging its technological platform.

International content plays a pivotal role in Prime Video's growth, with investments in key tentpole productions like "The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power," "The Wheel of Time," "Reacher," "Citadel," and "Jack Ryan." These titles resonate with Prime customers globally and serve as a gateway to exploring a diverse range of licensed content.

Kelly highlighted the Asia Pacific (APAC) region as a significant subscriber growth opportunity, with content from Japan, India, Korea, Spain, and Argentina gaining popularity not only in local markets but also in English-speaking markets such as the US, Canada, the UK, and Australia.

Identifying Japan and India as key growth drivers in the APAC region, Kelly expressed enthusiasm for the opportunities in Southeast Asia and other markets. Prime Video aims to provide a singular entertainment destination where customers can access an array of content conveniently, fostering a personalised experience with easy navigation and single billing applications.

Prime Video's customer-centric strategy focuses on content variety, convenience, and value, catering to audiences worldwide and embracing both local and international content to create a compelling entertainment experience.

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