Qoruz Introduces "Qoruz Perks": Redefining Influencer Marketing Beyond the Paid / Sponsored Promotions

Qoruz, India’s premier Creator analytics and Collaboration platform has introduced its latest influencer marketing program, "Qoruz Perks' '. With this latest addition to Qoruz's services, the brand will be able to collaborate with high-end influencers beyond Paid Ads by providing them with exclusive access to services and experiences. The new launch is ideal for D2C brands, enabling enhanced influencer discovery along with quick and easy influencer outreach.

“Qoruz Perks provides a cost-effective opportunity for brands to increase exposure, generate earned media, target niche audiences, and boost social media engagement. By offering exclusive deals to users, brands can 'earn' attention and encourage user-generated content, resulting in a ripple effect of increased brand awareness.” Says Praanesh Bhuvaneswar, CEO, Qoruz.

This is an initiative that allows brands to collaborate with the ideal influencers to promote genuine conversations and reviews around the products with their personal experiences in front of a large and engaged audience by “earning it”, rather than the usual “buying it off” as sponsored promotions. Qoruz Perks provides an opportunity to brands that allow them to boost their brand visibility, target marketing efforts, increase social media engagement, and deliver the cost-effective word of mouth. This new launch platform is valuable to any business or industry, for instance, the event industry, movies and entertainment, premium beverage brands, restaurants, and resorts, and who are looking to boost their brand visibility and target marketing efforts.

Additionally, it enables marketers to direct their marketing initiatives on content creators, influential in their domain or area of expertise to increase conversion rates and reach the brands' target demographic. Qoruz Perks is a unique combination of social media influence, social media engagement, and cost-effective advertising making it a standout program in the competitive world of social media marketing.

(We got this information in a press release).

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