Quaker launches ‘Made For India Quaker Oats with flavour mix

First-of-its-kind food innovation that brings Oats with 2 different flavour mixes - Homestyle Masala and Tangy Tomato – in one pack.

Quaker, one of India’s leading brands in the oats segment, has launched a TVC campaign #OneOatsManyTastes to introduce a first-of-its-kind food flavour innovation in Oats category– Quaker Oats with Flavour Mix. Developed to suit the Indian palate, this unique ‘Made for India’ innovation brings plain oats with 2 different flavours - Homestyle Masala and Tangy Tomato – in one pack to offer consumers the choice to consume oats in a wide array of new, tasty, and convenient ways.

The new campaign by Quaker® showcases how consumers can now enjoy oats in a ‘masaledar’ or ‘tangy’ way or simply add their own twist to suit their taste preference. The film opens with two protagonists engaging in a playful banter over ‘masaledar’ or ‘tangy’ breakfast choices. This chatter soon comes to a halt, when they discover that both delicious flavours are now available in one pack of Quaker® Oats with Flavour Mix. This also highlights how the product can be simply made by adding either of these delicious flavour mix sachets to 40g of plain oats and garnish with vegetables of your choice for one serving. The film closes with the protagonists enjoying their breakfast and bracing for the day ahead.

Food and nutrition have become a priority for consumers as they spend more time at home and cook more meals. Millennials today are increasingly adopting ‘mindful eating’ as they seek nutritious and versatile food options without compromising on taste. In this context, breakfast – the first meal of the day – has become an important ritual for many people, as it helps them power through the day. Independent researches have shown that millennials prefer ‘savoury’ options and variety in breakfast and over 90% sales in the oats market are dominated by ‘masala’ and ‘tomato’ flavours. Tapping into this consumer preference and accelerating the food flavour innovation, Quaker Oats with Flavour Mix allows consumers to whip up a quick and easy-to-make ‘oat-a-licious’ meal as they like it.

Talking about the new launch, Sonam Vij, associate director and brand head - Quaker, PepsiCo India said, "As one of the leading brands in the category, we at Quaker Oats follow an innovation-first approach and our latest introduction - Quaker Oats with Flavour Mix, is giving consumers a nutritious yet tasty breakfast option. The new TVC depicts the power of oats in a tasty and indulgent way and showcases how consumers can now use any one of the two delicious 'Homestyle Masala' and 'Tangy Tomato' flavour mix sachets, that come along with their favourite Quaker Oats, to whip up a tasty preparation of their choice. We believe Quaker Oats with Flavour Mix will surely give consumers a delightful experience of enjoying Quaker in a new and flavourful way, every day.”

Ritu Nakra, WPP Lead at Wunderman Thompson, India added, “Life today is a race to do more as we want more fun, more experiences and more opportunities. Our appetite for life is huge and the same goes for what’s on our plate too. Consumers are always looking for tasty and nutritious options. That’s why, with the new Quaker Oats with Flavour Mix, we are bringing unique product innovation to your dining table with two delicious new flavours inside every pack. With this tasty flavour mix from Quaker Oats- we