QuoDeck launches a one-of-a-kind gamified campaign #D2City for D2C brands in India

D2City will house over 25 brands with hyper-casual quiz games about them, aimed at creating unique and engagement-worthy moments.

QuoDeck, India's leading SaaS Digital Learning and Engagement Platform, has launched a one-of-a-kind gamified campaign designed as an interactive digital city that allows visitors to experience, explore, play and learn about their favourite D2C brands.

The visionary new gamified campaign will be live on the QuoDeck platform from 14th February till the end of the month. For the campaign, the company has featured 25 big and small D2C brands from Cosmetics, Electronics, Personal Care, Food, and apparel, amongst other industries.

Over the past decade, the D2C model has gained traction in India due to the growth in eCommerce penetration and is expected to be a $100 Bn+ market opportunity By 2025. At present, more than 800 D2C brands are vying to impress Indian audiences.

"We believe that innovative brand communication is key to the success of D2C brands, as most D2C brands target unique niches with nuanced value propositions, and through #D2City campaign, we are offering these brands a high engagement marketing tactic to create brand affinity," said Kamalika Bhattacharya, CEO, QuoDeck.

"In a world with unpredictable consumer behaviour, fickle brand loyalty, countless channels, and platforms, brands need to accentuate focus on being more relatable and human, and we believe game-led engagement does precisely this by bridging the gap between brands and technology," She added.

QuoDeck has curated various leading D2C brands and listed them on a virtual platform that is a mobile-friendly gaming microsite designed as a city with buildings, with key buildings playing host to brands. Users can interact with the buildings, play branded games and stand a chance to win gift vouchers if they top the leaderboards of the respective games.

The D2City campaign leverages the growing popularity of gamification to help D2C brands capture consumer attention. The Gamification market is expected to grow to USD 38.3 Billion by 2027, from USD 9.1 billion in 2020.

"We at QuoDeck aim to furnish highly engaging and personalised gamification products for brands for their target audience," Kamalika further said.

Established in 2017 by avid gamers, the platform uses gaming principles to engage enterprise learners and provide data-based insights to improve user experience.

(We got this information in a press release).

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