Red Bull Unforeseen event offers a citywide nightlife experience

Red Bull Unforeseen throws the doors wide for celebration and discovery with an immersive experience that highlights India’s unique culture.

For those with a thirst to celebrate friends and explore can’t-miss experiences, Red Bull Unforeseen is the key. In city after city, the most exciting local destinations and talents – bars, clubs, performing artists and more – take over a landmark building to showcase their signature ambiance while also collaborating for must-see cultural mashups. And now it’s Bangalore and Delhi’s turn to seize the spotlight, as the event brings over both venues, as well as performers and activities, together under one roof. With the theme set as retro and futuristic, it invites attendees to embark on an exhilarating time travel expedition where boundaries of part, present and future blur.

It creates an immersive experience where the unforeseen unfolds in every era igniting a passion. for exploration and discovery. For those looking to experience the unexpected and go on an adventure for an incredible party, Red Bull Unforeseen is the event you didn’t know you were looking for.

At Red Bull Unforeseen, everyone is invited to the party. One ticket provides full access to explore the entire scene, from the city’s top bars to the styles and settings of its coolest clubs. The atmosphere will be exclusively local, proving what every insider knows: that the nightlife in Delhi and Bangalore is like no other.

The lineup

Now nightlife lovers won’t have to criss-cross the city to find and enjoy its most amazing bars and talents. Artists including Blot, Santana, Shiva Mani, Benkii b2b Double T, Spyke, Kampai, Peach Block among others have prepared performances especially for the event. A special bar takeover by select creators is also a part of the event where fans can get a special drink served by their fav content creator.

Consumer Activation

Red Bull India’s another unique activation has gotten all mobile users hooked up to new and innovative game that the brand has produced. Behind the city scape of Mumbai, the free run game pushes you to run as far as you can avoiding crashing the evergreen Yellow Taxi. Highest scores will get an exclusive entry to one of the most exquisite parties of all time; Red Bull Unforeseen.

As a result, attendees can expect the best the event has to offer, plus unmissable surprises and interactive zones that will keep the audience engaged throughout.

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