Red FM’s RJ’s collaborate with Sprite to bring alive It’s ‘Thand Rakh’ Philosophy

In partnership with Sprite, Red FM introduced a social Intellectual Property (IP) called the 'PJ challenge,' .

93.5 Red FM, India’s leading private radio and entertainment network collaborated with Sprite, a Coca-Cola India Pvt Ltd brand for their ‘Thand Rakh - Joke in A Bottle’ campaign. The initiative reiterates the brand’s core message of staying cool and refreshed with Sprite whenever heat strikes, whether mental or physical.

Red FM’s iconic RJ Raunac (Bauaa), RJ Raj (Bakra) & RJ Parveen (Murga) representing regions HSM, APT & WB came together and integrated Sprite ‘Thand Rakh’ messaging in their distinguished, witty calls to address the contextual heated moments. A library of 100+ regional jokes was created to address daily heat moments and how Sprite with its ‘stay cool’ motto calms you down.

The radio station aired these branded segments daily, and whenever the listeners got furious, the RJ would humorously remind them to stay cool with a refreshing Sprite, saying 'Thand Rakh' (Keep it cool). The amusing pranks were also featured on the Red FM Podcast along with various music and audio platforms. In partnership with Sprite, Red FM introduced a social Intellectual Property (IP) called the 'PJ challenge,' encouraging listeners to share their best poor jokes in an audio note or post a video through WhatsApp.

Speaking on the collaboration, Nisha Narayanan, director & COO, RED FM & Magic FM, said, “At Red FM, we believe collaborations to be the only way forward to achieving monumental success. Therefore, our collaboration with Sprite for their ‘Thand Rakh Joke in a Bottle’ campaign is paradigmatic of our trust in partnerships. Moving forth, we anticipate more collaborative opportunities in the future, with the aim of reinforcing brand trust and also getting significantly higher visibility.”

Tish Condeno, senior category director, Sparkling Flavors, India & Southwest Asia, The Coca-Cola Company said, “We are thrilled to partner with Red FM on this iconic and innovative collaboration. The RJs are amazing and it is very entertaining to see them combine their tact of crowd-pleasing with Sprite's ‘Thand Rakh’ philosophy in a light and refreshing way. Our aim is to bring moments of laughter and joy to our consumers, encouraging everyone to stay cool and composed in moments of heat in both faces of challenges.”

(We got this information in a press release).

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