Remsons Industries unveils its new brand identity, created by the Unlock Company

The distinctiveness of the logo along with the philosophy of LETS MAKE GREAT, gives us the right brand platform to leapfrog into the future.

In the auto component business for the last 50 years, and a pioneer in the auto-cables and Gear Shifters category, Remsons Industries unveiled its new logo & brand identity at a function recently, attended by its leadership teams across the country at Mariott Chakan. In close proximity to its latest state-of-the-art Manufacturing facility, built on 120000 square feet of land area, at Chakan, Pune.

Remsons has been on an aggressive growth trajectory over the last few years, on the back of various initiatives. With Professional management at the helm, the company has set in motion various changes to make the transition from being primarily a manufacturer of auto-control cables and gear shifters to an integrated auto-component manufacturer with value added product lines like, Brake assemblies, Pedal boxes, Jacks, winches and more. Remsons has adopted various change management processes to restructure the organisation, expanded to international geographies, upgraded current manufacturing facilities and invested in new state-of-the art manufacturing units.

Significant investments have been made on Research & Development, internal processes, recruiting, training & skilling up talent across functions. The employee friendly culture of the organisation is being taken to the next level by making people the fulcrum of the company’s growth aspirations and thereby make Remsons a great place to work.

Group CEO Amit Srivastava, with over 25 years of experience of working with large Corporate Houses in the automotive industry, and driving the change at Remsons Industries over the last few years, says “We have been focussed on the agenda to pitchfork Remsons Industries into the next orbit of growth. We have put in place various measures to upgrade the key pillars of our company. People, Structures & Technology.

An important peg in this journey is the brand interface. It needed a refresh, in line with our overall intent and business vision.

We could not have found a better partner than Arijit Ray, CEO & Founder, The Unlock Company, who led his team, collaborated with us to harmonise our brand ethos with our future ambition to create a refreshing brand logo identity and philosophy. The distinctiveness of the logo along with the philosophy of LETS MAKE GREAT, gives us the right brand platform to leapfrog into the future.

Commenting on the re-branding initiative executive director, Rahul Kejriwal said “While it is important to push ahead on our resolve to move onto the next orbit of growth, it was important to get the right brand voice. We were looking at an agency partner who could understand our culture, intrinsic DNA, the foundations that built our company and then create our new logo and brand philosophy”.

Commenting on the rebranding Arijit Ray CEO & founder, The Unlock Company, “We are truly privileged to be working with Remsons Industries. It is the freedom and open slate we got from the leadership team at Remsons, that helped us take the creative leap. The centrepiece of our strategy was to create a distinctive logo and make it represent a refreshing brand attitude. The handcrafted specially designed typography represents the solidity, the sharpness of intent & commitment to technology of the organisation. It brings to light the interconnectedness each automotive part has to the whole and the seamlessness with which Remsons intends to harmonise its business ambitions with the vision and aspirations of its customers, partners, employees and society at large. In tandem with the LETS MAKE GREAT proposition, that represents the intrinsic drive of the company to strive for greatness, no matter what, we have probably been able to strike the sweet spot of finding the right space of blending the intrinsic spirit of the organisation and its future aspirations. We wanted the brand to stay away from the conventional identifiers of the category by giving it a distinctive attitude. We are quite confident that this logo identity and communication will create a new benchmark in the B2B space.

(We got this information in a press release).

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