Republic-CNX come together in formidable partnership for Election 2021

The election partnership between the two industry leaders will ensure the fastest, the most reliable and most well-sourced data at a time when political buzz is in full swing.

India’s Number 1 news network Republic Media Network and the nation’s leading electoral survey agency CNX have joined hands for the most-awaited upcoming assembly elections of West Bengal, Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Assam and Puducherry. The formidable partnership of India’s election news destination with the country’s most dependable, data-driven, onground-research heavy electoral survey agency is all set to deliver a game-changing election experience for the nation.

After conducting India’s most expansive election survey, with deep research and experienced election scientists already camping on the ground, Republic and CNX have come together and will broadcast the country’s most dependable and accurate Exit Polls for all the election-going states. Moving beyond the urban hotspots and camping with the masses of the 5 poll-bound states till the end of voting, the Republic-CNX Exit Poll is sure to be the country’s most precise representation of the big 2021 results-- state by state.

A deep psephological approach, conclusions based on studied data and analysis based on the real pulse on the ground in every booth through till the end of polling, the Republic-CNX partnership will be the biggest differentiator in election 2021, wherein 5 diverse states with diverse political landscapes go to the polls. The election partnership between the two industry leaders will ensure the fastest, the most reliable and most well-sourced data at a time when political buzz is in full swing.

On the announcement, Republic Media Network’s Editor-in-Chief Arnab Goswami said, “I am really proud of our partnership with CNX. Their high quality of psephology, their ground up approach, their weighty data-driven analysis, their expansive long-term presence at the booths across the states, and their holistic scientific approach in election research and outcomes is unmatched. Our teams are in complete synergy because this partnership is the coming together of India’s election news destination with the most accurate and scientific pollsters on the ground. We’re set to deliver a game-changing election, and I am thoroughly excited.”

Renowned psephologist and Co-founder of CNX Bhawesh Jha said, “CNX is very pleased to announce this close and important relationship with India's leading TV network-- the Republic Media Network. CNX looks forward to this new tie up with Arnab Goswami and his team. We are certain it will change the way elections are viewed in India. In many ways, it’s a perfect fit.”

CNX, since its foundation in 2009, has been the leading electoral survey agency in India and is acclaimed to have delivered exit polls at the assembly and national level with 100% accuracy. Led by Bhawesh Jha, who has more than 12 years of experience in electoral survey research, CNX bases its electoral predictions on experienced election scientists on the ground and high-quality data after a studied analysis of the booth-level research findings. Being the only electoral survey agency which examines the empirical foundations of the state and national electorate so as to deliver a thoroughly accurate picture vis-a-vis outcomes for over a decade, CNX has acquired the firm status of being India’s most dependable election predicting agency.

Republic Media Network is India’s election news destination. With the widest news gathering team, fastest and most unique election formats, agenda-setting on-air editorial content, slickest graphic representations, sharpest analysis, largest reporting crews in every district of the poll-bound states, most-informed panel of on-air election experts and the most trust-worthy news team, Republic is set to deliver a redefining Election 2021. Broadcasting in three languages with the deepest access in every state, Republic Media Network is set to change the game vis-a-vis elections on news television.

For India’s most power-packed election, Republic Media Network is the nation’s news destination.

(We got this information in a press release).

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