Republic Media Network unveils pre-election campaign: 'Nazar Ka Tikka - Vote Jaroor Kare!'

The campaign aims to inspire voter turnout and promote national duty among citizens.

Republic Media Network announces the launch of its latest campaign, Nazar Ka Tikka - Vote Jaroor Kare! This pre-election initiative is poised to become the largest pre-election campaign, with over ten esteemed brands joining forces to inspire voter turnout and foster a profound sense of national duty among citizens. The campaign, expected to reach 44 crore people during this election season, aims to leverage the cultural significance of the 'Nazar ka Tikka' to encourage active participation in the electoral process.

Drawing upon the belief in the protective powers of the 'Nazar ka Tikka' in Indian culture, the campaign seeks to associate the act of voting with safeguarding the nation's interests. At its core, the campaign strives to instill a sense of responsibility and pride in citizens towards their country. By symbolically linking the inked finger of a voter with the protective charm of the 'Nazar ka Tikka,' Republic Media Network underscores the importance of each individual's role in shaping the nation's destiny.

Key strategies of the campaign include:

  • Harnessing the widespread recognition of the 'Nazar ka Tikka' as a cultural symbol to foster a positive perception of voting.

  • Presenting voting not merely as a right but as a solemn duty towards the nation. The campaign slogan, "Desh ko lagae nazar ka tikka - Vote Jaroor Kare!" encapsulates the essence of protecting the nation through active electoral participation.

  • Invoking citizens' patriotism and their responsibility in shaping the country's future by emphasising the significance of each vote.

The campaign will be extensively promoted across Republic Media Network's platforms and for the first time the largest number of brands leveraging pre-election visibility, featuring compelling content aimed at engaging and inspiring audiences. The network extends an invitation to esteemed guests to contribute to the campaign by endorsing the slogan, "Desh ko lagae nazar ka tikka - Vote Jaroor Kare! Thanks."

afaqs! received this information in a press release.

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