Roshi Teas: Paving a Delightful Path to Wellness

Growing up, for most of us, a truly healthy drink meant a shot of strong, bitter kadha. Brewed with herbs and spices like tulsi and ginger, it was an appalling tasting but a really do-good dose of health. With every sip, we were conditioned to believe that it was impossible to find joy in the path to healthy living.

And then I brought home an assortment of Roshi Wellness Teas.

As I opened the tea envelope, the soulful aroma filled me with the flavours of rich, natural ingredients. Then, as I lightly crushed the teabag between my palms, the 100% natural fragrance further energised my senses. One sip of this wholesome tea changed my entire perspective about health drinks – a really healthy beverage could taste delightful! By the time I finished that first cup, my thirst to delve deeper into the Roshi Tea story had grown manifold.

Roshi Teas: Paving a Delightful Path to Wellness

Roshi is the passion project of Rahul Bansal, a graduate of Duke University and a health enthusiast. His very successful family-owned enterprise, the New Tea Group of Companies, which was started in 1936 and is one of the largest manufacturers of tea in India today, would have been an easy and safe business for him to take over and manage. But he was committed to forge his own path, driven by his goal for a healthy lifestyle. His personal and professional purpose is ‘to make India healthy from its roots’. The family business of teas inspired him to create a contemporary tea brand, which was ‘not just tea’. He took his purpose and learnings from the family tea business forward and created ‘Roshi Wellness Teas’.

Roshi Teas: Paving a Delightful Path to Wellness

The brand identity was created by Akhilesh Prasad, the Founder and Chief Design Strategist at Procreate Branding. He says, “We set a challenging strategy task for ourselves in consultation with Sourabh Mishra, the brand strategist. We wanted to build on a distinct design strategy, an idea that can balance ‘do-good’ with ‘feel-good’ challenge for our consumer. While the health benefits and traditional goodness of herbs needed to be seen clearly, the key was to show this healthy aspect along with the pleasurable experience of this tea. We also wanted to give it a premium, almost luxurious, feel. The design captures these aspects, and we checked the design’s approach with consumers before finalising.”

Rahul’s rich experience in every aspect of the tea business at the New Tea Group of Companies and Akhilesh’s proven credentials in creating several highly successful and acclaimed innovative brand design solutions led to a collaboration that created the Roshi Wellness brand.

The essence of Roshi was articulated as: ‘Wellness Made Delightful’. When asked about the unique brand name, Rahul says, “The essence of Roshi comes primarily from its meaning; a leader of the Zen Buddhist monks whose seniority brings along wisdom, tranquillity, and an insight into the right way of living. Roshi is inclined to deliver you an authentic experience of the finer things in life that transcend your inner wellbeing and enrich your life in a holistic manner. This wellness journey has begun with tea, and we intend to introduce a whole range of other natural and herbal products.

That is why the core of the brand R&D team has both highly accomplished nutritionists as well as acclaimed culinary experts. Bringing together the right balance of health and taste.

Every tea envelope encapsulates the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda blended lovingly with the legacy of the finest teas. It distils the goodness of herbs, in exciting blends. The infusions are a soulful treat, with a slew of health benefits. From calming your mind to strengthening immunity to aiding in your digestion to helping with weight management and many more, every sip is a holistic Zen expression.

Roshi Teas gently ushered me on an inward journey to a meditative state. Into a moment of calm, seized from the chaos of life. It is a rebirth and regeneration. Every sip bestows serenity and kindles reconnection with oneself. Roshi had both my mind and heart, as I seek holistic wellness while indulging in rich sensorial experiences.

(We got this information in a press release).