Sakshi Telugu daily sees growth in AIR numbers in IRS 2019

Sakshi with a Q4 AIR of 30.79 Lakh, has registered a growth of 3% over its Q1 numbers.

With the release of the Q-4 data of Indian Readership Survey figures, the complete data for the year 2019 is before us for review. And the good news is, Sakshi turns out to be the only Telugu daily in India to have registered a growth in its AIR numbers in IRS 2019 Q4 over Q1.

Sakshi with a Q4 AIR of 30.79 Lakh, has registered a growth of 3% over its Q1 numbers. This 3% growth for Sakshi gets amplified when we see in the backdrop of the aggregate Telugu dailies readership, which has been shorn off by a fourth [25%] of its readers’ base in 2019.

Eenadu has lost 20.15 Lakh readers [30%] of its AIR numbers, Andhra Jyothi a third [33%] of its readers tally and Namasthe Telangana, which made a sensational debut with a handsome readership numbers in Telangana has almost lost half [49%] of its readers during the year.

In the state of Andhra Pradesh, Sakshi has consolidated its position during 2019. What has been a huge gulf of 17.86 Lakh readers between Eenadu & Sakshi in their AIR counts in Q1, has now been narrowed down to just 2.53 Lakh in Q4 now. Sakshi is now within striking distance of Eenadu, with leadership position in many segments of the newly defined Andhra Pradesh state.

Sakshi now comfortably leads over Eenadu in Prakasam, Nellore, Chittoor and Anantapur districts of Andhra Pradesh. Sakshi also has maintained a lead over Eenadu in the socio-cultural regions of Rayalaseema, which borders with Tamil Nadu and Karnataka’s Special Economic Zones.

Sakshi has grown by 31% in Prakasam & Nellore District Clusters, 39% in YSR district, 71% in Anantapur district and by 27% in Hyderabad’s UA District clusters; While Eenadu has lost readership by 27%, 13%, 32% and 24% respectively in the same districts during the year.

Similarly in the SCR of Andhra -1, Sakshi has gained 13% readers while Eenadu lost hugely by 46% of its readers. In the SCR of Rayalaseema, Sakshi has grown by a huge 59% readership numbers while Eenadu has lost a third [33%] of its readers there during the year.

(We got this information from a press release.)