Sanjay Kaul steps down from Impact Communications

He also serves as a Chairman of National Advisory Board of Rural Marketing Association of India.

Sanjay Kaul founder & CEO of Impact Communications has stepped down from his current position. An industry veteran with more than three decades of experience in Rural Marketing has been instrumental in building a Impact as a leading Rural Marketing Practice in India. He also serves as a Chairman of National Advisory Board of Rural Marketing Association of India.

He has handed over the mantle to the new leadership team. Nidhi Singh, who has been part of the founding team will be the new CEO and Kalpana Raina Director Strategy Planning, takes the role of COO. Both of them have been part of the core team from the formative days.

“My journey of building Impact from scratch has been fulfilling, enriching and nothing less than a celebration. I have been fortunate to have passionate and talented bunch of professionals in my team , who have both been part of my challenges and success, will always cherish those wonderful memories.”

“I am leaving Impact at the helm of a very creative, experienced and knowledgeable professionals and with a solid foundation. I am sure new leadership has both capacity and capability to take Impact to next level as rural is evolving and changing faster that ever before”, said Kaul

Sanjay Kaul is embarking his new entrepreneurial journey. He plans to build a technology enabled rural market development, sales and distribution company.

I was usually consumed by routine business at Impact , Pandemic gave me enough time to conceive path breaking and fresh solutions to address last mile channel enhancement challenges of companies who intend to seek growth in Rural. We have already plunged into this exciting new journey will make formal announcement in next month. Data driven approach and measured growth will be at the heart of the service offerings of the new venture, added Kaul.