Shailendra Jain and Shalini Jain unveil a new book on managing brand transgressions

The book provides comprehensive roadmap for navigating the stormy waters stemming from brand transgressions and transforming brand from the inside out.

Boeing Max 737 twin crashes, Volkswagen’s ‘Dieselgate’, worms in Cadbury chocolates…In the past few hours/days, chances are you have read a report of a brand transgression in some part of the world. These transgressions – whether real or perceived – plague company as well as personal brands.

They are routine, global, and often lead to serious consequences: consumer injury, billions of dollars in recovery and restitution, legal nightmares, bankruptcy, and damage to the brand.

“Managing Brand Transgressions: 8 Principles to Transform Your Brand” is a groundbreaking book that provides a comprehensive roadmap for navigating the stormy waters stemming from brand transgressions and transforming your brand from the inside out.

Featuring over 25 real-life case studies from around the world, spanning approximately 50 years, it offers in-depth insights into how brands like Fox News, Maggi, Nokia, Starbucks, and Tylenol have responded to brand transgressions – both successfully and unsuccessfully.

Shalini Sarin Jain, one of the authors, is an associate professor of management at University of Washington, Tacoma, USA. She believes that the book will help managers and CEOs take better control of their brand’s future. “It provides insights on how to reduce the occurrence of brand transgressions, respond effectively when a crisis hits, and turn transgressions into transformational opportunities,” she says. 

“The book is thoroughly researched and written in a gripping and provocative style,” states the other author, Shailendra Pratap Jain, Bret Wheat Endowed professor of marketing at University of Washington, Seattle. He emphasises that the eight principles laid out in the book can help prevent brand transgressions from becoming catastrophic.

Endorsing the book, Rakesh Kapoor, founder and CEO 12 Flags Group, and former global CEO, Reckitt Plc, says, “…this book…elevates the topic (of brand transgressions) to more than just an idea for public relations and crisis managers to worry about and makes it the very soul of good brand management.”

Chris Powell, former CEO, BMP DDB suggests that “It will be a transgression if brand managers and CEOs have not studied this unique guide.”

The book is being published by De Gruyter and is available for pre-order on,,, and several other platforms. It will be on the shelves on June 17, 2024.

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