Shikha Kapur, Amit Chandra and Prabhat Choudhary announce The Sourrce

It is the library of stories and ideas for the creative industry and has Partnered with Ormax Media as it’s research arm.

After Andaz, Shikha Kapur, Amit Chandra and Prabhat Choudhary launch The SOURRCE, an industry first story library committed to harnessing original storytelling from India.

Acclaimed director Rajkumar Hirani , sources the first story and steps in as Chief Creative Mentor.

The Sourrce endeavors to put a structure to the process of harvesting ideas and concepts for story and screenplay development. It has cultivated a deeply entrenched, first of its kind network of story scouts across the diverse geography of India, spanning across 21 states.

Scouts from Kashmir, North East, Hindi heartland, Punjab, Bengal, Maharashtra and Southern states send stories and ideas to the Sourrce’s development team in Mumbai on a daily basis.

From true horror stories to folk tales, to rare human achievement stories and rich mythology, the development team at The Sourrce is processing an array of incredible story inputs from across the country on a daily basis.

The Sourrce also has dedicated teams to tap into unexplored narratives in the medical, legal and business world.

The Sourrce will offer an industry wide subscription for access to its library and will also curate stories specific to development briefs.

Additionally, the collaboration with Ormax Media will offer insights and audience feedback to the development team by curating an appeal score to every story before it makes it to the library.

Says Shailesh Kapoor - founder & CEO, Ormax Media, “At Ormax Media, we have been testing scripts for films and series extensively over the last decade. But the association with The Sourrce is particularly special because it gives us an opportunity to contribute in the development process right from the onset, from the insight or the idea, to the story and then the screenplay. In a rapidly-evolving industry, the importance of audience insights cannot be undermined, and I'm glad that the leadership team at The Sourrce is committed to using audience inputs in their pursuit to develop great content for the Indian theatrical and streaming market.”

Adds filmmaker and chief creative mentor Rajkumar Hirani, “This is a very powerful idea and something that our industry needs. The content pipeline has just exploded and as an industry we need more and more ideas. The Sourrce puts a structure to the process of finding creative ideas. While I wouldn’t be involved in the day to day functioning of the company I would be mentoring and guiding the creative team.

(We got this information in a press release).

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