Short video app Likee educating people on corona, busting myths

The world has resorted to ‘social distancing’ in a bid to come out safe of the fierce battle against deadly Covid-19 or Coronavirus. India on its part has upped the ante against the pandemic, with Prime Minister Narendra Modi announcing a 21-day nationwide lockdown. This has left the common man with no choice but to remain confined inside their homes. While a few of us are sulking over the practical house arrest, there are many who are using it in a constructive manner. These creative minds have been using the various social media platforms and short video apps such as Likee to spread awareness and information about the pandemic.

Likee, which is a pioneering short video platform, has come up with several corona-related hashtags, as part of which users are sharing the Dos and Don’ts, and even busting several myths doing rounds on the Internet since the corona outbreak.

One of the hashtags trending on the short video app is #FightCorona, which has already clocked more than 55 million views. Under this hashtag, creators have suggested the various precautions that we need to take in the battle against Covid-19. A total of three steps have been highlighted by most of the creators:

1. Washing hands frequently using soap, handwash or sanitizer

2. Covering face with mask or elbow, but do not use your hand

3. If cold and cough stays longer, please go see a doctor

Short video app Likee educating people on corona, busting myths

Another similar hashtag trending on the app is #CoronaFactAndRumours, which is themed around busting myths related to the pandemic. As part of the measure, Likee officially roped in three medical professionals – Dr Neha Rajpal - MBBS from MGM Medical College in Navi Mumbai, Dr Om Patil – Consultant Orthopaedic and Spine Surgeon in Mumbai, and Dr Mrinmayee Mukund Ganoje – a Consultant Dermatologist and Cosmetology expert, who predominantly works with the Bollywood fraternity for beauty and facial enhancement. These doctors conducted live sessions on the app on March 24, 25 and 26 wherein they answered the queries of Likeers. Besides, videos posted by Likeers dispel myths such as cow urine acting as a medicine for the disease.

Apart from these, the app has also introduced a live tracker, which provides the latest updates related to the corona crisis. Details such as total infected people, number of new cases, number of corona-related deaths and patients recovered can be obtained through this section. In the dedication section, latest news reports concerning the pandemic are also available.

(We got this information in a press release.)

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