Silicon Valley based short video platform Firework, announces launch of #sparkthejoy

Firework has kicked off a campaign called #sparkthejoy which addresses the mental health concerns for the global society at large and encourages an act of kindness each day. The initiatives comprise of activities such as Kindness Bingo, empaneling a doctor series, news series that focuses on 'Good News with Faye' and calling out to social evangelists to join the campaign.

Covid-19 is now creating a shift on how Corporates go about their business as usual and we are witnessing that. While the pandemic can be fatal, it also impacts mental health, something not many are talking about because it is still not regarded as an issue to be spoken about openly.

Firework believes the spark begins at home, hence, for its employees, while work goes on with video calls and conferences, Firework has started Zumba and Yoga each morning followed by online office parties across 5 international locations and team building initiatives.

#sparkthejoy campaign has been submitted to the World Health Organisation (WHO) as well.

(We got this information in a press release.)