Sony BBC Earth concludes fourth edition of ‘Feel Alive Hours’ with a one-of-a-kind digital approach

Culminating yet another enthralling season of inspiring young minds is Sony BBC Earth’s flagship school engagement program ‘Feel Alive Hours’. Over the last 3 editions, this pioneering initiative travelled to schools across India and rekindled the joy of being closer to nature through positive, insightful stories that made children feel alive. With kids transitioning to e-learning owing to the pandemic, Sony BBC Earth took quick cognizance of the paradigm shift and revamped its program, offering a completely digitalized experience for its fourth edition.

Redefining the traditional format of a one-time outreach to schools, Sony BBC Earth curated a 6-month long program for meaningful and consistent engagement by partnering with more than 600 schools across 7 cities. With the aim of building an invested community of over 3.5L students, the brand created multiple touchpoints – such as monthly newsletters, LIVE sessions, exclusive video content and an e-destination in the form of a microsite ( with curated content on a wide array of topics such as nature, wildlife, adventure, culture, health, fun science, space and much more.

The microsite will remain as a permanent destination for daily exploration and engagement, independent of the school contact program. It has already garnered more than 5.7L footfall in 6 months with the various offerings such as ‘Fascinating Stories’, fun ‘Brain Teasers’, ‘Did You Know?’ facts, ‘Quiz’, ‘Amazing Videos’, facts and tips about sustainability, DIY tutorials, and more.

By creating avenues for consistent, direct, and two-way interaction, ‘Feel Alive Hours’, in its fourth edition helped foster creativity and curiosity while imparting knowledge and co-curricular education. It also helped create meaningful engagement with students at a time where teachers and parents were seeking newer ways to keep students busy, as well as safe at home.

The fourth edition turned out to be a resounding success as all involved were thoroughly invested through the 6 months of the digital program. The 40 minutes live session received 100% attendance for the entire duration whereas the specially curated video content received over 20K views and the quizzes on the microsite received over 2K participation. Summing it all, with Feel Alive Hours 4.0, Sony BBC Earth was quick to enter the ‘new normal’ through technological adaptations and innovations, increasing the impression by 11x, compared to a traditional model.

Rohan Jain, Marketing Head, English Custer, Sony Pictures Networks India

“Recognizing the immediate transition to e-learning this year, Sony BBC Earth was the first to revamp its flagship school engagement program ‘Feel Alive Hours’ and go digital. We are proud to have continued our efforts of engaging with kids since there is no greater joy than to learn together, inspire each other and have fun while doing so. We managed to keep the students engaged through the 6-month long program as well as infuse creative learning and a positive change of action”.

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