Sri Adhikari Brothers ‘GaltiKiski’ - A show based on the book written by Super Cop - Kiran Bedi to air on Doordarshan

GaltiKiski is based on the book ‘What Went Wrong and Why?’ written by Kiran Bedi.

India’s leading M & E conglomerate Sri Adhikari Brothers opens up for audiences yet another classic hit show –‘GaltiKiski’ –based on the book ‘What Went Wrong and Why?, written by super cop &the current Lieutenant Governor of Puducherry - Kiran Bedi. The show is to air on Doordarshan National from 19th May every day at 01:00PM.

Sri Adhikari Brothers ‘GaltiKiski’ - A show based on the book written by Super Cop - Kiran Bedi to air on Doordarshan

‘GaltiKiski’ is a real-life narrative based on the book ‘What Went Wrong And Why?, written by the super cop Kiran Bedi - A unique compendium of real-life first hand experiences – candid, poignant, touching and thought-provoking – that will compel people to sit up and take notice. A true revelation of social and economic maladies that adversely affect the present-day society and the way one can handle such scenario and a destination for those who sought help in similar matters. It places these realities for greater appreciation by all those who can play a role in preventing such happenings, and defines the duties to do and the responsibilities to accept.

MarkandAdhikari (Patriarch- SABGROUP), said, “In lieu of our commitment to leverage our content library to Doordarshan, we are glad that ‘GaltiKiski’ which featured the Super Cop Kiran Bedi is going to air on Doordarshan National, We are willing to do whatever it takes to help our nation stay engaged and keep the momentum going during the lockdown. "

Kiran Bedi (Author &Lieutenant Governor of Puducherry) said–‘’During my journey as an IPS officer and there-on, I always observed the rift between people at different stages of life and most of them were due to simple lack of compassion.This book is all about making an attempt at being fair and human. My mission behind GaltiKiski was simply to save the next victim, it wasn’t to gain publicity or popularity but to forewarn people. I am so honored to have created a televised version of this with Sri Adhikari Brothers and the fact that it is going to be aired again on Doordarshan National during these grim times, gives people a chance to introspect and rethink life after lockdown Make this society a better place to live in as one.’’

What Went Wrong and Why? Was adapted in a hindi version for the book titled same as the show GaltiKiski.The show will be aired on Doordarshan nationalfrom 19th May every day at 1pm..

(We got this information from a press release.)

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